Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Files $10M Lawsuit: Against Who?

Wendy Williams’ Ex Kevin Hunter Files $10M Lawsuit: Against Who? [Credit: YouTube]

Wendy Williams’ ex-husband filed a $10 million lawsuit. This comes amid the TV star’s ongoing legal problems. This morning, TV Shows Ace reported that Wendy Williams filed a cease and desist order against her publicist, who may not be her crisis manager. Now, Kevin Sr. is suing talk show executives for “wrongful termination.”

He alleges that he took on a major role on his former wife’s television show. He argues that he was “wrongfully terminated.” Last week, The Wendy Williams Show was canceled as the star was replaced by Sherri Shepherd. Kevin filed the lawsuit in a New York court on Tuesday, March 1.

Wendy Williams’ ex files new lawsuit

Radar Online was the first to obtain the court documents from the lawsuit. It explains that Wendy Williams’ ex-husband founded Debmar-Mercury in 2004 alongside Mort Marcus and Ira Bernstein. The company negotiated a contract with both him and his ex-wife for a six-week trial for a talk show. This led to the birth of the popular talk show.

“[Kevin] was used to being behind the scenes of Williams’ prior ventures and used his business knowledge and street smarts to negotiate a significant financial increase from the initial contract being offered to Williams,” the lawsuit reads. “The Wendy Williams Show dominated the 10 am daily morning time slot, and to date, no network has been able to beat the Show at this time slot.”

Wendy Williams' Ex Files Lawsuit [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
The 49-year-old was part of the show’s success from the beginning. Kevin served as an executive producer from 2007 to 2019 after the couple’s divorce. Wendy Williams filed for divorce. He allegedly had an affair with a woman named Sharin Hudson and had a child with her.

Yet, Kevin thinks he was “wrongfully fired.” He claims in the lawsuit that he was the mind behind popular segments like “Hot Topics” and “Shoe Cam.” The former producer also claims that he was in charge of marketing plans. Kevin is currently seeking $7 to $10 million in damages.

OG daytime host in hiding

Ever since the announcement of the cancellation, Wendy Williams has been in hiding. She refuses to speak to anyone. The former radio DJ already fired two of her managers. She’s also in the midst of other lawsuits with her team.

All of this drama comes as Wendy Williams continues to battle health problems. She is not happy with the show’s decision to replace her with Sherri Shepherd. She feels like it was a “total slap in the face.” As a result, she refuses to speak to anyone, even her own fans.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams’ ex filing a lawsuit? Do you agree that he was wrongfully terminated? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Wendy Williams.

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