‘Unexpected’ Season 5 Newbie Kylen Smith’s Controversial Baby Daddy?

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The fifth season of Unexpected premieres on Sunday, March 6th and it already presents a lot of drama and scandal. Viewers are frustrated with the way they feel TLC is glorifying teen pregnancy. One look at the preview and it’s not going to be an easy year for any of the cast. A particular newbie who appears to be struggling the most is Kylen Smith. Before the season has even begun, her baby daddy has allegations against him for being physical. Will this be the reason she and her parents struggle so much during her premiere season?

Season 5- Expect The Unexpected

So much is going is down this upcoming season as returning cast members are attempting to spread their wings. Tyra Boisseau is attempting to manage her relationship with her baby daddy. At the same time, a handful of her young close family members are also pregnant. They will appear alongside in the series with their fair share of drama. Lilly Bennett has a fiance and they are trying to flee the coop of her mother’s home but they are struggling to get along. He does not feel she does enough but being a full-time mama is hard. Her mom also does not believe she is ready to leave.

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Jenna Ronan also returns with her boyfriend, Aden. She truly believes that she can make it work because he family was broken. Their relationship has become such a dysfunctional mess there is no way of saving this anymore. It now appears the couple has split for the time. Emersyn Potter is one of the newbies joining this season and she is truly struggling with her mom.

Unexpected Credit: Jenna Ronan IG
Credit: Jenna Ronan IG

Mama is strict and wants Emersyn’s boyfriend, Mason nowhere near Emersyn. He can sleep upstairs but Emersyn would prefer he be near her while she is pregnant and after she gives birth. Once mama catches them next to one another, it is like they committed a federal crime. They all have drama and parents to go up against but what about fellow newbie, Kylen Smith?

Kylen’s Baby Daddy Drama

In the clip for Season 5, Kylen’s father is very distraught that he cannot be with his daughter throughout her pregnancy. He also discusses not being able to watch his grandchild grow and progress prior to being born. There seems to be some dissension between Kylen’s parents and her boyfriend, Jason Korpi. Even when she is giving birth, he is staying far away from her as possible. He then requests she not get an epidural followed by him being escorted from the hospital room by police.

Credit: TLC

As Starcasm reported, when the official cast list was released, he has a little bit of a bad background. Apparently, he had done some TikToks, and holes were noticed on his walls. Physical abuse allegations soon ensued though nothing has seemingly come of it. This may or may not play out in the new season. However, if viewers catch wind of it, this could cause him to be edited from some episodes.

Time will tell but as of now, Kylen’s Instagram says they are still together. Are you looking forward to the new season of Unexpected? Let us know in the comments.




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  1. TLC. Why don’t you do a show about the success stories of teenage pregnancy. I personally can tell you it would be much more appealing and a happier show to watch.

  2. I can’t stand Jason he needs a good slap in the head the way he bosses her around. He.is a punk and the way he treats her parents if he was my son I would tell his girlfriend not to listen to him . He needs to get off his ass and grow up!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree 100% but the parents should have stepped in a long time ago, he couldn’t be my son or my daughter’s boyfriend!
      He has put his child and the mother of his child in danger and she excepts it very sad.
      The producers along with his parents should also be ashamed showing him and his actions as if they are good and acceptable?
      Enough already!!

    2. I am so with you on that. Jason is nothing more but a punk ass that needs a good beating.. Someone needs to get to her while his ass isn’t in the room at the hospital and do some real talkin to ooen her eyes. I don’t understand why Kylan’s parents make her come back home!! She is only 17 so by law they could.. If I was her parent she would be back living under my roof. I would have been set his butt straight!!

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