Quiet Savanah Brown Breaks Social Media Silence In Sweetest Way

Savanah Brown Credit: Janelle Brown IG

Savanah Brown is the youngest child of Kody and Janelle Brown. When it came to her father’s overbearing pandemic rules, she seemed to handle them the best. Out of the three kids still living at home with Janelle, Savanah kept her wits about her. She was level-headed and reminded her brothers, Gabe and Garrison, she was able to live without a social life. After taking the entire last season of Sister Wives away from Instagram, she has resurfaced with a super sweet post.

Savanah Brown, The Sweet Child

Viewers have watched Savanah grow up into a mini-Janelle. She is very hard-working but she is very determined and family-oriented. When the pandemic hit, her father, Kody created very strict rules regarding what the wives and children could do. They were very limited in their activities which was extremely hard for some especially Savanah’s older brothers. At the time, only three out of Janelle’s six children were living at home, Savanah being one of them.

Janelle and Savanah Brown
Instagram Janelle Brown

Still being in high school, she had to adjust to remote learning like most kids in the world. Her brothers Gabe and Garrison also still lived at home. Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend so he was considered a risk as he did not want to completely give up his social life. Her other brother Garrison was home from the National Guard so he was working to save up for a down payment on a home.

kodybrown - gabe brown
kodybrown – gabe brown

Kody felt the kids should be more obedient but the boys felt he was being too harsh. As for Savanah, she noted she was adapting to staying home and not being social. If she could do it, so could they. She seemed to be the kid voice of reason when it came to Janelle’s children. Maybe she did not get enough credit for it though Kody did say he wished he could see her more. Now she is back on Instagram and her post is bound to make her followers smile.

The Sweetest Post

Though Savanah Brown has not shared much on Instagram, her mother posted back in December. She shared a tribute to both her daughter and her late mother, Sheryl. Savanah turned 17 on Sheryl’s birthday which also happened to be the one-year anniversary of Sheryl’s passing. It was sweet because Savanah was wearing a piece of jewelry from her grandma so Janelle felt like she was there. Janelle has also documented teaching Savanah how to drive which has been fun but scary.

Savanah Brown Credit: Savanah Brown IG

Savanah posts fun facts and cute pics. In November, she shared a post about cucumbers and the human body. The other day, she shared an adorable post about her pup, Bryn. The dog fell asleep on its bones and Savanah just had to capture it. It’s a really sweet and peaceful moment and much needed as the Brown family has had so many ups and downs over the last year.

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