Interesting Facts About Danielle Busby You May Not Know

Danielle Busby, YouTube

TLC fans know Danielle Busby for her family’s show, OutDaughteredand because she’s a mom to a set of quintuplets. However, fans may not know much about who she really is and what she enjoys outside of being a mom. While fans love to see the kids on the show and on social media, they have also fallen in love with Danielle and her husband, Adam Busby.

Of course, Danielle is much more than a mother to her six daughters, Blayke, Parker, Hazel, Riley, Ava, and Olivia. There are lots of things that fans should know about her.

Read on to learn a few interesting facts about Danielle Busby that you might not already know.

Danielle Busby, YouTube

Interesting Facts About Danielle Busby You May Not Know

  1. Danielle Busby and her husband, Adam, had a rocky start. They first met when they were working at Target together in 2003. It took them a while to talk for the first time, though. After several months of working together, her now-husband simply said, “Hey beautiful.” But she wasn’t interested in him right off the bat. Eventually, they made some progress and enjoyed their work breaks together. However, when it was time for them to go on their first date, Adam ended up ditching her for his friends that night. Despite this big mistake, they’re now happily married and have six daughters. They tied the knot in June 2006 after dating for three years.
  2. She previously struggled with infertility due to irregular ovulation. Both Adam and Danielle had to try a variety of fertility treatments so they could conceive their oldest daughter, Blayke. Fertility treatments were also necessary to conceive the quintuplets.
  3. Before becoming a mother, Danielle worked at AP Networks as a project coordinator team leader, according to InTouch, and was there for 12 years.
  4. Today, Danielle is quite the entrepreneur. The busy mom runs her own clothing boutique, Graeson Bee. She and the girls all model for the boutique. She also co-owns a workout attire shop, Cadi Fitness, with her sisters, Ashley and Crystal. Danielle does all of this in addition to being a mom and being a part of her family’s TLC show.
  5. The mom to six has an autoimmune disorder. On OutDaughteredfans have witnessed some of her health struggles and many scary moments. In an Instagram comment, Adam explained, “Some days are good and some she is stuck at home with pain. As we have seen new doctors and taken many tests, we have been able to manage with medications, so flair [sic] ups are not as often as they used to be. It isn’t something that is going to keep her from living her life to the fullest and enjoying her family.”

So, did you know these facts about Danielle Busby? What else would you like to know about the TLC star? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And for more OutDaughtered news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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