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Darcey Silva: Officially Single, Done With Georgi For Good?

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Darcey Silva has been through the wringer with her fiance, Georgi Rusev. The two had a whirlwind romance which ended in an engagement. Unfortunately, that ended and Darcey felt she was freeing herself up for better opportunities. Ultimately, she could not quit her Bulgarian love and the two reconnected. He showed her how much he loved and cared about her so the two got re-engaged. Sadly, he was about to let her down again. Has she finally learned her lesson and let Georgi go?

Darcey Silva- Always Looking For Love

When viewers first met Darcey, she was on her way to Amsterdam to visit her long-distance love, Jesse Meester. That had been communicating online and via telephone for months. She finally decided it was time to take the plunge and fly across the world to meet the much younger Meester. Their journey was featured on Season 1 of 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days. Though they had fun, she was very high-maintenance while Jesse craved adventure. Darcey was also desperate for a commitment and Jesse just was not there yet.

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Their story continued in Season 2 when he came to stay with her in Connecticut but the drama was so intense, they ended it. She moved on with Englishman Tom Brooks but eventually, she found out he was seeing someone else in Season 4. That was not her happily ever after. This left Darcey heartbroken and crying to her twin sister, Stacey who was also in a long-distance relationship with Albanian, Florian. She wanted to be in love as well and thought she had found a connection when she met Georgi at an event in Miami.

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She wanted to be in love as well and thought she had found a connection when she met Georgi at an event in Miami. Darcey was adamant that they meet up again but the pandemic rushed their relationship. Soon enough, Georgi was moving to Connecticut. They moved in together and despite some ups and downs, he proposed. There was a lot of lies and mistrust that led to the initial engagement ending. However, he was able to win her back. That all came crashing down and now Darcey shares her status with Georgi.

Is It REALLY Over?

Part one of the Darcey and Stacey tell-all aired Sunday evening and Darcey was left sitting on the stage without her fiance Georgi. Though he was in New York, he said he did not want to deal with people coming at him and he was studying for real estate. He maintained she was an adult and did not need him there but rather he needed her by his side. A lot was unpacked during the first hour, such as Darcey always taking care of him. Her father, Mike even noted how she is in love with Georgi but he is just there for something.

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Georgi’s ex-wife Octavia took the stage claiming he also had a wandering eye. Allegations of infidelity have recently surfaced so it is not completely unfounded. Though Darcey said she and Georgi were still engaged at the beginning of the tell-all, she is now telling Entertainment Tonight a different story. Apparently, Darcey is completely done with Georgi and she is not going back.  She admits she did this for herself and her kids. They got engaged in the summer while the tell-all happened in the winter so some time had elapsed.

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Darcey realized things just were not where they should have been so she left. “And once it left my mind, my body followed. And I hit my limit with him.” This time, she claims there is no going back as she sees it’s just a recurring cycle and she wants to keep her heart open. She is hopeful for a wedding at some point because clearly, she is a hopeless romantic.

Do you think it’s over for good? Let us know and watch part two of the Darcey and Stacey tell-all Sunday on TLC.


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