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Amy Halterman Shares Baby #2 Update: Halfway There


Amy Halterman just shared an update on her Instagram page about her second pregnancy. It is clear she is excited about welcoming her second child into the world. Fans are enjoying the updates every step of the way, too.

When Is Baby #2 Due?

Halterman’s second child will be delivered via a planned c-section on July 5. She announced the pregnancy on January 2 on Instagram with a photo of her son, Gage, in a shirt that read, “I’m going to be a big brother 2022.” Fans flew to the comments with their congratulations and well wishes.

Amy Halterman - YouTube/tlc uk

Credit: YouTube/tlc uk

She and her husband Michael are expecting a baby boy. They revealed the gender of the new arrival at the end of January. There was a look of disappointment at the reveal when Amy found out they were having another boy. Her husband seemed to be indifferent about the gender reveal altogether but looks forward to welcoming another healthy baby into the world.

Amy’s fingers were crossed that they would be expecting a girl but says that she only hopes the baby is happy and healthy. Not to mention, as her sister pointed out, girls can be more difficult than boys, especially the “women in their family.” The joke softened the blow a bit.

While she was admittedly a bit disappointed that she was having another boy, Amy has been excitedly sharing news about her pregnancy with her followers. She has been sharing weekly screenshots from the “What to Expect” app and sharing some of her pregnancy journey along the way.

Amy Halterman Shares Cravings And More

Just last week Amy shared that, at 19 weeks, she was craving garlic and tacos. Other pregnancy update posts include mentions of the baby kicking and overall health. Halterman also frequently posts pictures of her firstborn son, Gage.

This week, Amy posted, “20 week baby! Im half way there!! I’ve had heartburn and craving chicken salad.” Fans took to the comment section to ask questions and share their own pregnancy stories.

Amy Halterman - Instagram/Amy Halterman

Credit: Instagram/Amy Halterman

People who watched the couple’s gender reveal video heard Amy say that they would name the baby John Allen. However, the comment section on her latest post says otherwise. When asked what names she has picked she responded, “I have few options but we choose when he [is] born.” So, it is possible that the couple has another name in mind.

Season 4 of 1000-lb. Sisters has not yet been announced. There has been some speculation about whether Amy Halterman and her sister will return to TLC. Amy is focused more on her family these days and Tammy’s attention is on rehab. So, for now, fans are getting what they can through social media and episodes currently on-air.

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