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Jesse Metcalfe Has Theory Why Trace Written Out Of Hallmark’s ‘Chesapeake Shores’

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What is Jesse Metcalfe’s theory why Trace was written out of Chesapeake Shores? Moreover, he has shared that he would consider returning to the Hallmark series if one thing happens.

What did the fan-favorite have to say?

Why Jesse Metcalfe Thinks Trace Was Written Out Of Chesapeake Shores

Recently, Harmony From The Heart star Jesse Metcalfe spoke to The List to promote his new GAC Family movie with Jessica Lowndes. However, it did not take long before he was asked questions about Chesapeake Shores, the series he abruptly left just about a year ago.

I think maybe the new showrunner and maybe the producers behind that show were starting to find it challenging, figuring out really where they wanted to take these characters….

What the Desperate Housewives alum says next may be at the essence of why he abruptly left the Hallmark series back in late March 2021. “…even though there was a strong outline from the books [and] a strong desire by the audience to see them ultimately end up together.”

Why did Metcalfe depart? He has never explained his actions. Moreover, Chessies were very confused by his departure. Although he told the publication that he was an  unofficial producer, without the credit,  they did create the series to accommodate his skills, including his musical talents. It seemed tailor-made for the fan favorite.

Jesse Metcalfe only saw one romantic scenario.

The Only Way Jesse Metcalfe Would Return To Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores

Jesse Metcalfe revealed that he would return to Chesapeake Shores. However, there is only one scenario that would bring him back. That is the happily ever after reunion of Trace and Abby (Meghan Ory). “I think that’s the scenario that makes the most sense.”

Photo: Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs
Photo: Meghan Ory, Jesse Metcalfe
Credit: ©2019 Crown Media United States LLC/Photographer: Ricardo Hubbs

Why Meghan Ory Means So Much To Jesse Metcalfe

Before Chesapeake Shores, Jesse Metcalfe worked with Meghan Ory on a video game adaptation called Dead Rising. Metcalfe describes it as a “zombie apocalypse action movie.”

After repeatedly calling Ory “great,” he went on to share how they came to working together on the Hallmark series. Metcalfe was the first cast in the series, and he wound up helping them pick Ory. Although he is out of the show, Jesse has nothing but wonderful things to say about his former co-star.

So, now, she has a new love interest on the show, and she’s gotten the opportunity to take her storyline and her character in a completely different direction.

What he is referring to is Robert Buckley joining the show. “I certainly hope that she’s enjoyed that.”

Don’t miss Jesse Metcalfe in GAC Family’s Harmony From The Heart. Chesapeake Shores Season 6 should start production in March.

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