‘Darcey And Stacey’: Who REALLY Bought Darcey’s Engagement Ring?

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Part one of the Season 3 Darcey and Stacey tell-all was filled with so much drama right from the beginning. For starters, Darcey’s fiance Georgi refused to show up. Yes, he was in New York with everyone but decided to stay behind at the hotel. Many questions about their relationship were going to be answered regardless. However, his absence may have allowed an opening to go even more in-depth.

Darcey and Stacey Bet It All On Love

It was a very interesting season for the twins as Georgi made a play for Darcey’s heart once again. After going to get full-body makeovers in Turkey, Darcey felt her engagement was going downhill. He was not being the support system that she needed. More so, she felt he was hiding a lot from her and she no longer trusted him. That was when she took a stand and ended it.

Darcey and Stacey Credit: TLC

As Season 3 began, she chose to meet up with Georgi to officially cut ties but it did not work as they spent the night together. The decision was made that they would try to make it work no matter what anyone said. Though her friends and sister Stacey were hesitant, Georgi was determined to show he was serious about changing. They all flew to Miami for Fashion Week and it was clear he had made some improvements. He was even getting along with Darcey’s daughters, Aniko and Aspen.

Darcey and Stacey Credit: TLC

At the end of the Miami trip, Georgi re-proposed to Darcey. As for Stacey, she really wanted to move to Miami with Florian but he has just gotten his Green Card. He was ready to start working so he agreed to have a Miami wedding with her which turned into a twin wedding. That would never come to fruition as their father, Mike was vehemently against Darcey getting married. He felt it was a selfish trainwreck move. Was he right?

The Truth Comes Out

At the tell-all, host Shaun Robinson was shocked Georgi did not show up. Papa Mike Silva felt he should be there to support Darcey but honestly could care less to see him. Even Florian simply felt he should be there for the family but he claimed he was studying his real estate. Darcey maintained they were still together but Stacey claimed him not showing up was a big red flag. Financially, her family was concerned to which Darcey snapped back at Stacey saying they both have helped people.

Darcey and Stacey Credit: TLC

The insinuation is that Stacey takes care of Florian as well. Stacey pointed out the core differences such as him just getting his Green Card whereas Georgi has lived here for a decade. Furthermore, she feels there is true love between the two of them. This is not the case between Darcey and Georgi. Even Papa Mike had to agree on that. Darcey is in love with Georgi but he just wants something from her. Ultimately, Shaun Robinson had to ask the question- who bought the ring he proposed with.

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Darcey hesitated until her daughters told her to tell the truth. She said they found it in New York’s Diamond District and he negotiated the deal. However, she was the one who put the money down, 10K to be exact. Her father put his head down though he had a feeling she was the one who paid for it. She said it was a big ring but this further added to the case he might just be using her.

Find out more about Georgi’s past and see Darcey’s exes on part two of the Darcey and Stacey tell-all next Sunday on TLC.

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