Robyn Brown’s Spiritual Father Paul Sullivan Dead At 80

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Robyn Brown of Sister Wives spiritual father Paul Howard Sullivan Sr. has been confirmed dead at the age of 80. As we previously reported, Sister Wives fans spotted the TLC star shopping at a mall in Utah recently. Fans were a bit baffled because she was shopping for men’s dressing shoes and she lived in Flagstaff. Fan chatter speculated she was actually in Utah for a funeral. At the time, there was no confirmation beyond fan chatter that her spiritual father passed away at the age of 80.

Sometime after we speculated Robyn Brown was in Utah because she had suffered a tragic loss, The Sun published an exclusive confirming her spiritual father, Paul Howard Sullivan Sr., was dead at the age of 80.

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Robyn Brown’s spiritual father dead at age 80

According to his obituary, Robyn Brown’s spiritual father passed away on February 22, 2022. His obituary paints the picture of a wonderful man who lived a great life. While Paul Howard Sullivan Sr. was not Robyn’s biological father, her mother did marry him spiritually as his second wife. The TLC star considered Paul to be her father because he is who raised her.

His obituary reads: “He was a loving husband and father, dedicated to living life or death on his own terms and with his code of honor.”

Paul was known for his outstanding principles, integrity, and helping others when needed. He expected others to have the same moral compass; if not, he would defiantly (yes defiantly!) let you know.”

His obituary noted Paul lived a long life and concluded that he would be deeply missed by those he left behind.

SW Robyn Brown Youtube
SW Robyn Brown Youtube

Not much of her family was made public

As we previously reported, there isn’t tons of information available about Robyn Brown’s family. She, however, did refer to Paul as her father as opposed to her stepfather several times on the TLC series.

Mindy Jessop, Robyn’s previous nanny, was Paul’s daughter. She has also confirmed Paul’s passing via her Instagram Stories. Mindy shared a photo of herself embracing her father as they smiled for the camera.

Rest in peace, Paul Howard Sullivan Sr. Our thoughts and prayers are with Robyn Brown and her family during this difficult time.

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