Chloe Chrisley Leaves Big Sister Savannah In Tears: Find Out Why

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram

Chloe Chrisley has left her big sister Savannah in tears recently. What did she do that got her big sis feeling so emotional? Keep reading for the details.

Chloe Chrisley leaves big sister Savannah in tears

Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram a few days ago to share a photo of herself embracing her little sister Chloe. Fans know that despite their age gap and Savannah having her own house, she shares a pretty close bond with Chloe. Chloe Chrisley makes regular appearances on videos with Savannah to show off her cosmetic line.

“Y’all…how is she so big,” Savannah penned in the caption of the photo. She followed the statement with a crying emoji before gushing about how much she loved her little sister.

Turns out, Savannah was feeling emotional in a way that is similar to how parents get as they watch their children grow. Savannah remembers when Chloe was really small and now she’s blossomed into this beautiful young woman.

Chrisley Knows Best - Savannah Chrisley - Chloe Chrisley
Instagram Savannah Chrisley

Chrisley Knows Best fans react to the post

Chrisley Knows Best fans often have a hard time with the relationship that Savannah and Chloe have. Namely, this is because they take issue with Todd and Julie allowing Chloe to call them her father and mother. Likewise, they often take issue with Savannah referring to Chloe as her sister when she’s actually her niece.

Todd and Julie have always been very clear that they do not force labels on Chloe. From a young age, she’s been able to decide how she wants to label her family. Todd and Julie have always been there for her. So, it makes sense she would see them as her mother and father.

Savannah Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah Chrisley – Instagram

In the comments of this particular Instagram post, there didn’t appear to be anything other than love for Savannah and Chloe Chrisley. Many fans kept things simple and popped a few heart emojis into the comments. Several gushed about how beautiful both Chrisley girls were. Here’s some of what fans had to say:

  • “She’s so beautiful. It’s in her eyes. You can see the compassion in them.”
  • “I’ve watched your show from the moment she was instroduced she is so adorable.”
  • “She is going to be an absolute knockout!”

Do you understand why Chloe left her big sister Savannah feeling so emotional? Share your thoughts on Savannah’s recent Instagram post with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Chrisley family.

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