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Is Scott Disick Dating A ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Star?

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Too Hot To Handle stars generally go on to make a name for themselves in the celebrity world. And it seems like one of the Season 3 stars is spending some time with a member of the Kardashian clan. Is it possible that Scott Disick and Holly Scarfone are the newest celebrity couple?

Scott Disick and Holly Scarfone step out on the town together

This new report emerged shortly after Khloe Kardashian shut down rumors that she’s involved with Too Hot To Handle star Harry Jowsey. Now, Scott Disick has been seen hanging out with Holly Scarfone.

Holly definitely stirred up a lot of trouble during her time on Too Hot To Handle Season 3. But what exactly is she doing with Scott?

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According to The Daily Mail, the two were on a date. However, this is contested among fans. Last anyone heard, Holly is still romantically connected to her costar, Nathan Soan. They even launched a joint Instagram account together, dubbed @team.nolly. But fans noticed that neither Nathan nor Holly follow the account any longer. Is this a sign that Holly and Nathan really did split up?

Since Too Hot To Handle Season 3 dropped, fans couldn’t help but notice that Holly Scarfone bears a striking resemblance to Kylie Jenner. This leads some fans to believe it’s odd that Scott would be a on date with someone who looks so much like his ex’s younger sister.

But other Kardashian fans wouldn’t put it past Scott Disick. He’s notably dated as many women as possible over the years. There’s definitely a chance he could be involved with Holly Scarfone these days.

So what do we know about Holly Scarfone?

Holly Scarfone is 23-years-old, but Scott Disick isn’t a stranger to age differences. He frequently dates women in their early to mid-20s, even though he’s 38.

Holly is also originally from Canada but lives in Colorado these days. She also has a degree from the University of Colorado Boulder.

Holly Scarfone/Instagram
Holly Scarfone/Instagram

During her time on Too Hot To Handle, she and Nathan Soan got into a lot of trouble together. They caused the most rule breaks — one even resulted in a $69,000 deduction from the prize fund.

However, while on the hit Netflix show, Holly also demonstrated that she’s willing to grow as a person. Viewers got to see a very sweet and caring side of her as she explored a relationship with Nathan.

If there really is a romantic connection between Holly and Scott Disick, we’ll probably know in time. For now, just keep following us online for the latest Kardashian and Too Hot To Handle news. It’s our mission to keep you filled in every step of the way.

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