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Maks Chmerkovskiy Blasts Kirstie Alley Over Her Ukraine Response

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The crisis in Ukraine is getting worse and Maks Chmerkovskiy is still over there. As many news outlets reported, the government is not allowing men between the age of 18-60 to leave. And Maks said himself he’s unwilling to try to cross the Polish border.

The situation is dire and Maks has no patience for people that refuse to take it seriously. And that includes his former friend and DWTS partner, Kirstie Alley.

Maks Chmerkovskiy puts Kirstie Alley on blast for her insensitive Tweet

If you follow Maks Chmerkovskiy on social media, then you know he frequently travels to his native country for work. He’s a judge on the Ukrainian version of DWTS and also works on World Of Dance over there. He was working on his projects when the invasion began.

Unfortunately, this recent invasion triggered some painful memories from Maks’ childhood in the Soviet Union. He recently said that he will “never be the same.

While Maks and his family appreciate prayers, they are also growing frustrated with others who don’t take the situation seriously. Namely, Kirstie Alley.

Maks Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

According to PEOPLE, Kirstie Alley posted a now-deleted Tweet that read, “I don’t know what’s real or what is fake in this war. So I won’t be commenting. I’ll pray instead.”

But Maks Chmerkovskiy took screenshots. He added it to his Instagram story and posted his own caption over the Tweet.

“Dear Kirstie, we haven’t spoken in a while, but I clearly remember being right next to you while you were organizing trucks of aid during Hurricane Sandy and I remember all that you were saying to me about situations where innocent are suffering,” he chastised the 71-year-old actress. “That same energy is needed right now. No one needs your prayer if you don’t know what’s real or fake,” he added.

Maks Chmerkovskiy/Instagram

Maks continuously updates people on the escalating situation. His fans, friends, and family hopes he can make it back to the U.S. soon.

The Ukrainian-born dancer does his best to show the situation on the ground

As Maks Chmerkovskiy waits for a solution, he’s keeping everyone informed. His followers have seen him post people fleeing for their lives, burning buildings, and more. It’s absolutely devastating.

“The kids and elderly are not part of this. The women are not part of this. F— it, man, even the men are not part of this. We didn’t choose to be. There’s gotta be a way to pause it and continue talking for as long as it takes. That’s my wish,” he commented at one point.

For now, Maks’ supporters will just have to wait for news. Hopefully he will be able to make it back to the United States sooner rather than later. Keep following us online for the latest news on Maks Chmerkovskiy and his family.

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  1. I wish Maks well and hopes he makes it back to the US safely as for Kirstie’s tweet I wish people would vet what they type b4 hitting the send button.

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