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Why Vanessa & Nick Lachey Love Their ‘Love Is Blind’ Hosting Gig

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Not everyone likes working with their spouse. However, married couple Vanessa and Nick Lachey really make it work out. The celebrity duo host the hit Netflix show, Love Is Blind.

Now that the Season 2 finale dropped, the Lacheys are happy to announce that they absolutely love working together and helping others find love. Keep reading to find out what exactly drew them to host the popular dating show.

Vanessa and Nick Lachey have a deeply personal connection to the Love Is Blind process

Distractify had the chance to sit down with the couple to discuss their own Love Is Blind journey. Why did they opt to host this show anyway? After all, the Lacheys have a pretty hands-off approach compared with most other hosting gigs.

“When Netflix approached us with Love Is Blind all those years ago, we jumped at the opportunity because the show really spoke to us personally,” Nick shared. “When we first started dating, Vanessa was in New York and I was in Los Angeles. We didn’t get to see each other a lot so we had a lot of long phone conversations, learning everything we possibly could about each other.”

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Nick Lachey went on to add that he and his wife had to develop a very emotional connection with one another. They just didn’t have the chance to have a physical relationship at first.

The Lacheys married in 2011 and have three beautiful children together. It looks like it all worked out well in the end for them!

For the Lacheys, love truly is blind

One interesting Love Is Blind element is that contestants also don’t get to scope each other out on social media first. And that’s one thing that Nick Lachey really loves about the show.

“Everything is so superficial and there’s lots of preconceived judgement on how someone looks or what’s on their profile,” he told Distractify.

And this was especially true this season. All season long, Shake Chatterjee couldn’t help but comment how he wasn’t attracted to his fiancee Deepti. We saw how well that played out in the season finale.

If you finished up Love Is Blind Season 2 and want more, you won’t have to wait long. Netflix announced that on March 4, there’s going to be a reunion special. You’ll get a chance to see which couples are still together after the dramatic finale and which ones are still broken up.

If you managed to catch the finale, did anything surprise you? Be sure to let us know in the comments. Keep following us online for the latest Love Is Blind news! We’re always here to fill you in on the latest reality TV gossip.

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