Paedon Brown Shares Dark Fantasy, Is It About Robyn?

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Stepping onto the dark side of TikTok, Sister Wives fans believe Paedon Brown just shared his true feelings about Robyn Brown.

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Since the latest season ended and Christine Brown left Kody, Paedon has been very loud and proud with his thoughts on things. In fact, he recently sat down with The Sun and spilled everything there was to spill on his mother and father’s relationship and whether Kody had any love left for his little sister Truely. Paedon even shifted gears during the interview and got real with his thoughts and feelings about Robyn Brown and her children.


What dark humor has Paedon Brown served up for Robyn on TikTok? Keep reading and we’ll explain.

Paedon Brown wants to do WHAT to Robyn?

Paedon Brown of Sister Wives stitched a video of a woman talking about how some people serve absolutely no purpose beyond the delight they would bring you when you toss them down a flight of stairs. Paedon Brown jokingly questioned if he was in love and if this is what love felt like.

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Now, Christine Brown’s son was careful not to clarify who he believed served no purpose beyond the delight he would feel if he pushed them down a flight of stairs. But, that did not stop Sister Wives fans from running with their imaginations in the comments of his TikTok.

Many Sister Wives fans laughing nothing more than laughing emojis. Some admitted they enjoyed seeing Paedon on the dark side of TikTok and how he would continue with this type of humor.

He admits things are weird with Robyn

During his interview with The Sun, Paedon confessed that his relationship with Robyn was both weird and unusual. He even admitted that he was rude to her children. As an adult, he recognizes that he was rude to Robyn’s children simply because he was jealous of them. Sister Wives fans that have read this interview admit they are sad that Paedon had to discover this on his own. Fans wish Kody would have been more of a father to Paedon so he wouldn’t have had to feel jealous of not getting his father’s attention as a child.

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Do you think Paedon Brown was fantasizing about tossing Robyn down a flight of stairs? Or, is it possible he actually wants to toss his father Kody down those stairs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Sister Wives.

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  1. Why did kody of sister wives say that Gabe and Garrison had to move out because they were old enough but Robyn’s oldest didn’t have to?

    1. My guess is because they were following the 47 Rules of COVID that had conveniently only been given to Robyn.

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