‘MAFS’ Ryan Ignasiak Knows Alyssa Ellman, What Are His Thoughts?

Alyssa and Ryan MAFS via YouTube

MAFS Season 14 has some interesting couples this time around. The most talked-about couple to date has been Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette. Now, as fans continue to trash her character, Season 13 alum Ryan Ignasiak admits he knows her outside of the show. What did he have to say?

MAFS alum Ryan Ignasiak knows Alyssa Ellman

Monsters and Critics shared what is known about Ryan Ignasiak’s thoughts on Alyssa. Recall, Ryan’s marriage to Brett did not work out. The Season 13 couple on Married at First Sight called it quits on decision day.

Now, the Texas native had some comments on social media in regards to Alyssa Ellman. It seems since Chris and Alyssa decided to divorce before decision day, Alyssa has announced she’s ready to move to Texas to find her cowboy.

Fans immediately started trying to link Alyssa together with Ryan. Fans on social media tried to do their part to warn Ryan to watch out. In fact, Ryan caught wind of the reactions and warnings and noted that he already knows Alyssa.

Alyssa and Chris via YouTube 1
Alyssa and Chris via YouTube 1

On the MAFS Instagram page, fans went to the comment section of a photo of Chris and Alyssa warning Ryan along with all other Texans to stay away from Alyssa.

One follower wrote, “I doubt Texas wants her either! No one does after all her lies. All Texans need to avoid her like the plague.”

Ryan saw the comments and said,  “I know her outside of the show, she’s not so bad, I promise.” So, could they end up getting together?

Fans still didn’t stop with their warnings. One fan said, “She’s not a good person. Sorry, she didn’t get a bad edit like she claims. Don’t let her near your dog, she’s allergic.”

Someone else chimed in advising Texas to look out, Alyssa is on her way to Houston. Ryan replied to this as well and confirmed again that he does know her. He said, “Texas is quite large…I think she’s moving to Austin. Equivalent to NYC to Boston.”

Would he date her?

Another fan asked Ryan on his own Instagram account if he would date Alyssa from the Boston Season of MAFS. He replied to the comment and said, “I actually just laughed…I forgot that I several times said, verbatim, that I was wanting a good person.”

The fan went on to ask him if he had an eagle tattoo. Alyssa previously said her personal psychic told her that her future husband will have one.

Ryan replied he has zero tats.

With all that said, would Ryan and Alyssa be a possible match?



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  1. LOL. I happen to know Ryan from my days in O&G, and I think he’s SOOOO full of SlHT. 🙂 He supposedly knows everyone and replies to everything (on a popular social media site or two) with ‘inside knowledge’, which to me, is just a way to stay relevant – VERY MUCH like Alyssa seems to want to do. I think it comes from years of being mostly invisible, which he vey much used to be. As such, I think seeing these two meet and get together IRL versus Ryan’s ‘assertions’ would be kind of GREAT and would make for some amazing, hysterically (or histrionically ;)) memorable television moments.

    As for Alyssa, who is a “dog rescuer” who owns only one dog (as a person who rescues dogs too, I will say that it is almost impossible to meet a rescuer who consistently comes into contact with dogs who need saving and who ONLY OWNS ONE), my advice for anyone but Ryan, would be: “Does not seem to be all there, so approach / proceed with caution, and at your own peril”.

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