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Kanye West Crucified For Disrespecting Morgan Freeman

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Kanye West is in the process of releasing a new album. As usual, this means he’s been doing everything he can to attract all eyes. And, as usual, it’s working. From throwing shots at Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi, to saying Kim Kardashian accused Kanye of putting a hit out on her, to announcing he’s only releasing his album on a $200 piece of merchandise. Kanye refuses to let a day go by without generating another headline.

This newest headline involves a moment from his recent album release show. The performance is already going around social media for a viral moment where Kanye tosses his microphone and marches off stage due to persistent technical issues. But there’s another noteworthy moment, as well. One particular lyric in one of his new songs has done nothing but turn heads since it was first heard.

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, And Morgan Freeman

The bar is on a song called Sci Fi. It goes like this:

“When you laid down and I gave you the s*men, I swear I heard God, the voice of Morgan Freeman.”

morgan freeman evan almighty
Morgan Freeman as God in ‘Evan Almighty’

Frankly, we should be more surprised by anyone who’s surprised by this line. What else is anyone expecting from Kanye? It’s raunchy, it’s ridiculous, and it’s generating the exact amount of buzz on the internet that surely Kanye hoped it would. Of course, the major references in the song are to Kim Kardashian, who Kanye has been publicly longing for on social media and on songs. And then there’s the Morgan Freeman reference. Freeman has always had what some call an angelic voice, and he got to display just how holy his vocal cords are in the movies Bruce Almighty and Evan Almighty where he portrayed God.

Neither Morgan Freeman nor Kim Kardashian have made comments about the line, but there’s hardly any need to. The voices of social media have been roasting the line enough without any of the people mentioned chiming in.

Donda 2

All of this press is for Kanye’s new album Donda 2. The follow-up to the original Donda which Kanye dropped last year dedicated to his late mother. In promotion of that album, Kanye lived in an Atlanta sports arena for nearly a month and reignited his very public beef with fellow superstar rapper Drake. It’s just how Kanye West promotes his music. Rather than pay for promotion like many musicians, he pulls stunts that he knows will bring attention to himself and his music. It works. Donda had 309 thousand sales in its first week. And West reports that the $200 device he created solely with the purpose of playing Donda 2 has already generated $2.2 million.

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