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Did Colton Winder Just Diss Kody Brown?

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Colton Winder and Kody Brown are both polygamists with multiple wives but that’s where the similarities end. It is very clear that Seeking Sister Wife star is very much about building the best family unit he can. He respects both of his wives and any woman that they court. As for his children, he dotes on them equally just the same. As for Sister Wives patriarch, viewers have lost so much respect for him as a polygamist. More than that, they have lost respect for him as a husband and a father. Now, in a recent social media posting, it appears Colton is taking aim at Kody and showing him how a real man of plural marriage should act.

Colton Winder Against Kody Brown

When the Winder family first joined Seeking Sister Wife in Season 2, viewers were not immediately drawn to Colton. He was legally married to Tami with whom he had a toddler daughter, Sadie. His second wife was Sophie and she was living separately at the time though they had been married for a year. Their goal was to finally come out to their community as a plural family. They wanted people to see they were a happy and healthy family with more love to give. It was a very similar mission statement as the Browns when Sister Wives began in 2010.

Credit: Winder Family/Instagram
Credit: Winder Family/Instagram

Kody was introduced with his three wives and, at the time, twelve children. He was courting a fourth wife, Robyn who had three kids of her own. Viewers were immediately turned off when Kody was seen kissing Robyn on a date while his third wife was in labor. Eventually, they got married and had two more kids. Though the family started out the series in one home, the four wives never ended up living that way. The separate homes only caused more distance and Kody started to pick and choose where he wanted to be.

'Sister Wives'/YouTube
‘Sister Wives’/YouTube

As for Colton, his wives moved into one home by Season 3 as Sophie was expecting their first child together. This experience created a closer bond for everyone. They even continued looking for a third wife but Colton was adamant that she had to be the right fit. Furthermore, all the courting rules had to be followed. Fans respected the way the Winders worked with polygamy because it was truly an art form. More so, they had a value system they did not take for granted. This was something Kody had not quite learned.

Colton Disses Kody?

Clearly, things are not going so well for Kody Brown right now. His third wife Christine has divorced him and gone off to have major success without him. On top of this, he has a strained relationship with some of his kids. Now it appears Colton Winder is taking aim at Kody’s dysfunction. He posted a reel of a throwback involving him and his daughter, Sadie. It traveled through their farm experiences.

Credit: The Winder Family IG

The captions talked about how they chose this life and built it for their family. It is all about the kids and they will guide them to make their own decisions. The ending adds that plural marriage is not right for everyone but it is right for them. Looking at how Kody was considered a dictator with his kids during the last two seasons. He also openly admitted when polygamy was hard for Christine, he just dismissed her but did not acknowledge her feelings.

The reel the Winders made is a direct diss to everything Kody has said and done over the last season of the show. They are a functioning plural family and are proud of this fact. Do you think Kody could take a cue from Colton or is he too stubborn? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. He is most definitely a dictator!! He wants everyone (wives and children) to follow his rules! And, I think he only wants Robyn! Also she is a wus for following his every rule! Get rid of him!

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