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‘Adults Adopting Adults’ Pulled Due To Controversy?

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Adults Adopting Adults was one of the most controversial shows to debut in 2022. Joining A&E’s reality roster on January 31st, the series was a deemed a prime guilty pleasure. Sadly for those who became invested in the cast, it was plucked just three episodes in. There was some speculation as to why but is the show returning? Starcasm has all the answers.

What Exactly Is Adults Adopting Adults?

The premise for the series was simple. Adults decided they wanted to be adopted by other adults. In some cases, adults decided they wanted to adopt people over eighteen. One person was Prince Frederic Von Anhalt who was previously married to Hollywood icon Zsa Zsa Gabor. He had been adopted as an adult so naturally, he would do the same. Prince Frederic had already adopted a handful of male adults. In the series, he was grooming one to be his heir as he had no biological children.

Adults Adopting Adults Credit: A&E

Some couples faced issues when attempting adult adoption. The people they were dealing with could have a record that was not always disclosed. It would take their family members doing some digging to uncover the truths. One couple who were questionable from the get-go were Danny and Christy. He talked about the urge he initially had to adopt an eighteen-year-old he had met. However, that was halted when he started to develop feelings for her.

Adults Adopting Adults Credit: YouTube

On the show, they were in the process of bringing Ileana into the family. Unfortunately, Danny has been unfaithful in the past. Therefore, Christy is worried he could have more than just paternal feelings towards Ileana. Apparently, fans did not appreciate Danny all that much either. Questions were raised once the series was pulled three episodes in if his behavior was to blame.

Will The Show Be Back?

It seems the series is just on a brief hiatus, according to Starcasm. Yes, Danny Huff’s behavior was quite questionable but there was another factor. The Daily Beast noted the first three episodes rated very low so this could be the sole reason the series was pulled early. As for the future of it, it seems Danny posted an announcement on one of his Facebook fan pages.

Credit: Danny Huff Facebook

He made it clear the show would be back but most likely on a streaming site since it was not getting enough views during its time slot. There are still seven remaining episodes and he alleges the best is yet to come. He also spoke with The Daily Beast about his relationship with Ileana and maintains nothing inappropriate ever happened. The final episodes are being filmed and edited but it is worth noting that Danny’s past has come back to haunt him.

He had made racist TikTok videos in 2021. His account is no longer active. Finally, his co-stars are not fans of his with Jenny calling him a “creepy yuck.” Are you surprised Adults Adopting Adults got pulled and would you care to see it return? Let us know in the comments.

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