‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ How Did Chris Combs & His Wife Brittany Meet?

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Chris Combs’ wife Brittany is a bit of a background cast member on 1000-Lb. Sisters. Extremely supportive of her husband, she can always be found near his side. But, she doesn’t really have that much to say on the show. Likewise, fans really don’t know that much about her.

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1000-Lb. Sisters: How did Chris Combs meet his wife?

According to a post on Brittany Combs’ Facebook, she and Chris met while they were working at McDonald’s. The about section of her Facebook profile reveals she started working at McDonald’s in 2012. So, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans suspect that is around the time when she and Chris Combs met. Over a decade later, their profiles reveal they both work for McDonald’s.

The couple got married four years after Brittany started working for McDonald’s in October of 2016. This means the couple also recently celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary.


They are a super religious couple

As we previously reported, Chris Combs actually confirmed on social media he and his wife were religious. This was something fans suspected when Chris and Brittany opted out of going ghost hunting with the rest of the family. Likewise, fans suspected religious beliefs inspired Brittany’s modest choice in attire.

Her religious beliefs, however, do not have much to do with why she keeps her head covered. According to chatter on Reddit, Brittany Combs actually has a medical condition that causes hair loss. Chris Combs’ wife Brittany wears headbands and keeps her head covered because of the way the condition makes her head of hair look.

Despite not being a major cast member, 1000-Lb. Sisters fans love Brittany because they love her husband Chris. As fans recall, Chris Combs has made huge strides with his weight loss journey as he got the surgery during the last season of the show and has lost an incredible amount of weight.

There, however, are some fans who wonder if Chris Combs had actually lost a significant amount of weight prior to Season 3 of the series. Some fans believe TLC actually had Chris in some sort of padded suit to make him appear larger than he was on the last season of the series.

Chris Combs - YouTube
Chris Combs – YouTube

Do you wish you knew more about Chris Combs and his beautiful wife Brittany? What do you think about where they first met? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the 1000-Lb. Sisters family.

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