Which Quint Is This? Danielle Busby Plays Guessing Game With Fans

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Danielle Busby decided to have a little fun with OutDaughtered fans on Instagram yesterday. She explained that in honor of two’s day Tuesday, the Busby quints had to take in photos of themselves when they were two. The photos would be used in an activity for everyone to try and guess which photo belonged to which classmate. Danielle Busby was curious if OutDaughtered fans could tell the quints apart when they were just two. So, she decided to play a guessing game.

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Which quint is this? Danielle Busby plays game with fans

Danielle Busby explained that two of the quints brought their pictures back today. So, she decided to throw both of the pictures up on Instagram. She included a question so fans could guess which one of the quints were featured in the photo. she even helped fans out by not putting all of the quints in as an answer choice.

Check out the two photos Danielle Busby shared on her Instagram Stories in the tweet down below:

For one of the photos, Danielle Busby gave her followers a choice of three different quints. For the other photo, she gave fans two quints to choose from. After OutDaughtered fans made their selection, the Instagram Story would reveal the correct answer. Turns out, these photos belonged to Riley and Parker Busby.

Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram
Credit: Danielle Busby/Instagram

OutDaughtered fans only really struggle with two of the quints

Admittedly, OutDaughtered fans only really struggle with identifying two of the quints now that they are a bit bigger. Identical twins Ava and Olivia often stump fans trying to tell them apart. Fans know they recently got dramatically different hair cuts that made it easier to tell them apart. Some fans have even outright asked Adam and Danielle how they managed to tell the twins apart over all of these years.

Olivia Busby

Eagled-eyed fans always note there are some distinct differences in Ava and Olivia’s facial features. Other fans, however, admit they have a hard time seeing the features to tell the girls apart.

Did you guess which quints were in the photos correctly? Did you have a hard time telling the Busby quints apart when they were little? Share your thoughts on Danielle Busby’s guessing game with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest OutDaughtered news.

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