‘Sister Wives’: Are Christine & Kody Brown Talking?

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Sister Wives fans saw the demise of Christine and Kody Brown’s twenty-plus-year marriage on Season 16. Though she had announced her split from Kody at the beginning of November, viewers were anxious to see it go down. As revealed on the tell-all, it appeared the two had differing opinions of how it ended. There was some he said/ she said about the intimate marriage conversation. He claims it was not the way Christine described it in her video diary. With Janelle being her only real ally, where do Christine and Kody currently stand?

The Downfall Of the Sister Wives Third Couple

Christine seemed extremely loving towards Kody from the moment the series began in 2010. She was always doting on him and caring towards the children of the original wives. Once Robyn married into the Brown family, Christine admitted she had jealousy. However, the wives seemed to make a strong attempt to get along and go on outings together. Yet, Kody’s temper flared a lot, especially when the time was of the essence.

Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube
Kody and Christine Brown via YouTube

If they had to pack up and move, he was often seen dictating to his wives and kids. When there was a family trip, he would lose his cool if they fell behind in time. He often forgot there were eighteen kids and four wives with different needs. In footage from past seasons, Kody could be seen calling Christine a crybaby. Initially, Kody loved that she was so sweet and lighthearted. She broke the tension and did whatever was needed around the home.

Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube
Christine and Kody Brown via YouTube

After her father questioned why she was always saying yes, she changed. It took her a little over a decade to realize she was really burning herself out. Never putting Christine first, she shared her concerns with Kody, as shared in part three of the tell-all. That was when the relationship really shifted and Robyn took over as the subservient wife. Finally, Kody believed Christine broke the marital contract and it became just a matter of time.

Any Communication At All?

Kody made it very clear on Sister Wives: One on One that he did not want to talk about Christine any longer. He actually lashed out at host Sukanya Krishnan over it. However, they do share six kids together so are they communicating at all? Currently, Christine lives in Utah while the rest of her former sister wives and Kody reside in Flagstaff. Christine’s son Paedon spoke to The Sun and shared the status of his parent’s relationship.

Sister Wives Paedon Brown And Christine Brown [Credit: Paedon Brown/Instagram]
[Credit: Paedon Brown/Instagram]
“They do still speak, but there is a barrier there.” This only makes sense as Kody attempted to humiliate Christine more than once. He told her he was not attracted to her. Then, he gave her false hope about moving back to Utah.  Lastly, he did not want to be intimate with her as he felt she had betrayed him. This was a lot to handle but she did it with grace. Now she has thriving businesses and a new cooking show.

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