‘OutDaughtered’ Fans Horrified, Adam Busby Puts Girls In Danger?

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OutDaughtered fans were horrified by a recent video Adam and Danielle Busby uploaded to Instagram. In the comments of the video, several fans noted Adam was being neglectful of the girls’ safety and putting them in grave danger. What did Adam Busby do that some fans deemed to be neglectful? Were the Busby girls in any real danger? Here’s what the video was about, what fans had to say, and Adam’s response to the backlash.

'OutDaughtered' Busby Quints/Instagram

OutDaughtered fans accuse Adam Busby of putting girls in danger

Adam Busby took several of his girls fishing about a week ago. He uploaded a video of their fishing venture on Instagram. Turns out, Ava Busby managed the camera part of the time. Fans admit they loved Ava being behind the camera and hoped for more of her videos in the future. One big reason Ava Busby was behind the camera, however, was because Adam was driving during part of the video.


OutDaughtered fans were quick to notice several of the Busby quints were in the front of the vehicle with Adam Busby. Moreover, none of the girls were in car seats or buckled into seat belts. Fans of the TLC family were horrified by Adam’s parenting. They couldn’t believe he would risk driving around with some of the girls in the front and none of them in seat belts.

Several OutDaughtered fans popped into the comments begging Adam Busby to buckle the girls up. Others popped into the comments simply to ask why the girls were not in seat belts. One fan even went as far as asking Adam why he thought broadcasting his neglect of these children all over Instagram was a good idea.

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OutDaughtered father responds to critics

Adam Busby has never been afraid to defend himself and his family on Instagram. He quickly responded to a few of these comments. He explained that they were coasting on a private road in a closed community. The girls were not buckled in because he was essentially driving on a driveway.

I’m on a private road, in a gated neighborhood with zero traffic and going less than 15 miles per hour. They go faster than that on their electric scooters. They are fine.”

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Some fans argued it didn’t matter where he was because it was still illegal to drive without them being buckled up. Fans also noted accidents happen at any time and at any speed. In Adam’s defense, other fans noted the girls were fine and he would never risk their safety.

Do you think OutDaughtered fans were justified in accusing Adam of neglecting his girls’ safety and putting them in danger? Or, do you agree with the few fans who defended Adam Busby and insisted those criticizing him were being overly critical? Let us know your thoughts on this video in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Busby-related news.

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  1. My god people enough with the he should or should not do I did this when I hit my dads mile long gravel road the kids unbuckled and would jump up front with me because they were going to the farm no big deal so don’t make it one 😜🤪

  2. Enough already!! Calm down, eat a peach and relax and keep your nose in your own business. The Busbys are wonderful parents. Worry about your own family instead of passing judgment on them. Now close the door of your glass house.

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