How Eric Waldrop Controls Chaos While Going Out To Eat

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Eric Waldrop and his wife Courtney of TLC’s Sweet Home Sextuplets make raising nine children look like a breeze for the most part. Even though The Waldrop family is no longer on TLC fans can’t get enough of the adorable family antics on Instagram.

With nine children to tend to twenty-four-seven Eric Waldrop and his wife Courtney definitely have their hands full. The simplest family excursions for most turn into a major event for Eric and Courtney. Their oldest son Saylor, is now a teenager has proven to be a great help to mom and dad. Saylor along with his twin brothers, Wales and Bridge, 10, are six extra hands when it comes to dealing with the family’s sextuplets.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Eric Waldrop Has Found The Answer To Maintaining Order Among His Large Family

However, it is dad Eric Waldrop that keeps the chaos under control during a family dinner outing. Following a recent basketball game for the older boys, coach Eric and dad pauses before entering the restaurant to give his family team a pep talk before entering. Eric gathers the sextuplets in a huddle and tells them, “I’m not telling you not to be happy…But don’t be too happy. Calm down.”

The family photos taken before the dinner reveal six eager children listening very intently as their father speaks. A third photo reveals the three younger boys sitting at their seats calmly awaiting their orders. The photo is adorably captioned, “We’re being pretty good. That pep talk helped.”

We are sure this is not the first, nor the last time Wadrop family coach Eric will be seen taking the children aside and giving them a pre-dinner chat about how to conduct their behavior while dining out. However, whatever it is Eric is telling the younger children seems to be working, and when you are the parents of nine children you take every small victory you can.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram


A Win Is A Win

As previously reported by Tv Shows Ace, every day in the Waldrop home is a big day. However, mom Courtney loves to really play up the holidays in a big way for the kids. Last week Courtney and Eric celebrated Valentine’s Day with their brood in a special way. Courtney took to the Waldrop family’s Instagram account to share some of the fun activities that the happy parents engaged in with the children.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Love And Laughter Make Each Day A Blessing For Courtney And Eric Waldrop

Courtney Waldrop reveals that each of the six boys, Saylor, Wales, Bridge, Blu, Tag, and Layke were each given a flower to hold, Sisters Rawlings, Rivers, and Rayne then each walked by their brothers to receive a hug and kiss from their father Eric. The boys sweetly presented each of the girls with a flower and a hug making each one feel extra special. Courtney was thrilled with the special Valentine’s Day presentation and reveals that she was almost in tears as she watched it happen.

With such a large family some might think it would be very hard to keep everyone and everything in order. However, Eric and Courtney Waldrop continue to be true parental inspirations to families everywhere.

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