‘Hospital Playlist’ Season 3: Canceled Or Renewed?

Will Hospital Playlist be renewed for season 3

Fans of the popular Netflix K-drama Hospital Playlist were excited to learn of a cast reunion on Monday, February 14. Meanwhile, a post made by one of the cast members on Instagram revealed all five main stars together. This led to high hopes that the Netflix series would be renewed for Season 3.

Will Hospital Playlist be renewed for Season 3?

As soon as fans saw the Instagram post by one of the actors with all five main cast members posing, hopes were high for the third season. However, does the fact that the five cast members reunited mean that Hospital Playlist will get a Season 3?

Will Hospital Playlist be renewed for season 3
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The 2020 Tvn-and-Netflix K-drama was directed by Shin Won Ho and written by Lee Woo Jung. Hospital Playlist follows the lives of a group of doctors and their close friendship. Meanwhile, the series quickly became one of the highest-rated medical dramas on cable TV. When Season 2 was released, fans were thrilled.

Once the Season 2 finale dropped on September 16, 2021, fans were quick to post on various social platforms to discuss the characters. It has been some since the finale aired and fans have been wondering if it would be renewed.

Cast reunion for Hospital Playlist
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It was Kim Dae Myung, one of the lead cast members, who posted the image of all five leads on February 14, 2022. This instantly got fans excited about the possibility of a third season.

Special announcement for hospital K-drama

However, the excitement was soon over when another update was made on February 17, where another social media post was made. The image showed the cast members, along with director Shin Won Hom all posing together. At first, hopes were high, but the caption soon doused them, as they wrote of the special commentary.

Will Hospital Playlist get a Season 3?
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The caption to the Instagram post translates to, “We’re announcing that a director’s cut Blu-ray disc of ‘Hospital Playlist‘ will be produced.” It went on to describe that this will include Seasons 1 and 2, along with a special commentary by the actors. Fans were told that the set is coming soon and were asked to stay tuned for a little while. While the post disappointed fans, most were happy that at least the commentary is coming out.

Many fans of the K-drama were quick to share the news on Twitter. One fan wrote, “honestly i’m sad and happy at the same time.. happy bc [sic] we’re getting new updates from them but sad bc [sic] seems like S3 isn’t on their plan at the moment.”

However, another fan doesn’t want to give up hope just yet. They wrote, “That’s been their line ever since S2 started, so I’m not losing hope for S3.”

Readers, are you still hoping that the Netflix K-drama Hospital Playlist will come back for Season 3? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.

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