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‘The Little Couple’: Jen Arnold’s Mother Broke Her Leg

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The Little Couple star Jen Arnold recently revealed that her mother broke her leg. Jen explained that her mother’s leg didn’t stop her from being right there beside her during her hip revision surgery. Did the TLC personality share any other details about her mother’s broken leg? Is her mother doing alright? Keep reading and we’ll share what we know.

The Little Couple: Jen Arnold’s mother broke her leg

Jen Arnold took to Instagram yesterday to share a sweet photo of herself and her mother. They were inside of the hospital where the TLC star had her surgery. As her husband previously informed fans, her surgery was a success. This post was Jen’s first since having her surgery. She, however, didn’t share many details about her surgery. Instead, she was interested in doting on her mother.

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Jen Arnold | Instagram

Jen Arnold tells The Little Couple fans she absolutely cherishes the relationship she has with her mother. She explains that her mother always finds a way to be right beside her to support her through every surgery she’s ever had. This particular surgery was even more special because her mother recently broke her leg. Jen’s mother didn’t let a broken leg nor the pandemic stop her from being right beside her daughter.

There’s something very special about our mother daughter relationship. I’m so lucky to have my amazing mom here for me for yet again another surgery. She is stronger than me & even with a broken leg she didn’t want to miss being there.”

Including several hashtags at the end of her tribute to her mother, Jen Arnold admitted her mother was her inspiration.

Jen Arnold - YouTube
Jen Arnold – YouTube

The Little Couple fans rally to support her

Sadly, Jen Arnold did not share any additional details on how her mother broke her leg or even when it happened. But, her mother was doing well enough to be beside her during her surgery. Fans were in awe of how strong both Jen and her beautiful mother are. In fact, here are some of the kind words they left in the comments:

  • “Oh DrArnold will be in prayer for you take care darling girl .mama keep her relaxed lol God bless and come home soon.”
  • “Your mom is amazing! I didn’t know she broke her leg. I hope she’s okay. I’ve been praying for you and hoping everything goes well today.”
  • “She broke her leg??? How???”
  • “Your Mom has been with you every surgery and knows exactly what to say and do after all these years. You are very blessed.”
Jen Arnold - Instagram
Jen Arnold – Instagram

Are you surprised/impressed by how strong Jen Arnold’s mother is? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for the latest on The Little Couple.

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  1. The little couple was always my favorite reality show. I love each family member and I miss them terribly! Please come back to TV!!

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