Producers Fuming Over What Wendy Williams Just Did? [Credit: YouTube]

Producers Fuming Over What Wendy Williams Just Did?


Producers of The Wendy Williams Show are not happy with her latest antics. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she shared a health update with her fans. Wendy took to social media in a big way this week. She posted a rare video to her personal Instagram account, which she also debuted this week. Normally, Wendy would share updates with her fans on The Wendy Williams Show Instagram account.

However, she took it upon herself to create a personal Instagram account. Producers are upset that she would do this behind their backs. They think it’s contradicting what’s going on behind the scenes. The television personality has been missing from her purple chair since September 2021 due to “ongoing health issues.”

Wendy Williams pulled a fast one on producers

Wendy Williams is now in trouble with her producers after sharing a video of herself walking on the beach in Florida. She looked happy and healthy in the video that was filmed by her son, Kevin Hunter Jr. Wendy claimed that she will return to her rightful spot. She also told her fans what she’s been up to during her time in Florida.

Meanwhile, reports claim that Wendy is too sick to return to work due. Some tabloid rumors made it seem like she couldn’t walk and speak a full sentence. However, she looked fine in the video she shared this week. Wendy suffered complications from Graves’ Disease and a breakthrough case of COVID-19. She was also hospitalized for psychiatric issues.

Wendy Williams Producers Are Fuming [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Yet, her Instagram video posted on Wednesday, February 16, proved that she was better than reports claimed. Her people have been telling The Wendy Williams Show producers that she is not ready to return to work yet. She hasn’t even revealed when she is set to return. Producers even secured Sherri Shepherd as a permanent temporary guest host.

“You can’t have it both ways. You are either too sick to sit in a purple chair for an hour each day on TV or you are not,” an insider told Radar. “Can you imagine if you called in sick for 6-months and then popped up on video in Florida skipping down the beach? You would be fired.”

Making a joke out of her producers?

Producers think Wendy Williams is making a joke out of the show. They didn’t agree with her sharing a video update like this. They would’ve rather she have done it on the official Instagram account. Producers are fuming about Wendy Williams’ Instagram stunt.

“At this point, Wendy is making fools out of all the hard-working people who show up for work each day even when they are not feeling great,” the insider continued. “The show’s producers are livid about this latest stunt.”

Wendy Williams Went Behind Producers' Backs? [Credit: YouTube]
[Credit: YouTube]
Fans have been concerned about Wendy Williams’ health. They’ve been wondering when she will return to her iconic chair. Instead, a series of celebrity guest hosts have taken over her spot. Producers have been asking her to record a short message to her fans.

They’re angry that she would create a personal account behind their back. At the time of this writing, her show’s account has almost 2 million followers, while the new account has only 17,000 followers. The bio of her personal account claims it’s now “The official account for all things Wendy!!”

Wendy Williams is surrounding herself with the wrong people?

Insiders claim that Wendy Williams is surrounding herself with the wrong people. They want to prove to her fans that she’s doing well even though she’s been MIA for several months. Yet, producers think she’s going about this all wrong. Wendy never even had an interest in social media until recently.

“What is she doing. She is surrounding herself with people giving her bad advice. She needs to be working with the people at her show, not going rogue on her own,” the insider added. “Wendy doesn’t know anything about social media. She doesn’t know how to post videos which means someone else is doing this which is terrifying.”

Producers feel she should’ve communicated this with them. In the full five-minute video that went viral this week, Wendy Williams walked on the beach as her son filmed her and asked her questions. She claimed she was doing “OK” and visiting her family in Florida. She also asked fans for their prayers and thanked them for their support.

What are your thoughts on Wendy Williams’ new Instagram account and video update? Do you think she shouldn’t have gone behind her producers’ backs? Sound off below in the comment section.

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