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‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale Mills Shares ‘Sad’ News

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Beloved OutDaughtered uncle Dale Mills shared ‘sad’ news with his social media followers. Keep reading for all the details.

Fans still waiting for OutDaughtered Season 9 news

Season 8 of OutDaughtered premiered on TLC on February 23, 2021. The season finale aired in May and fans are eagerly awaiting more episodes about the Busby family.

So far, the network has yet to reveal when or even if the show will return for Season 9. We do know that Unexpected and Doubling Down With The Derricos will return soon with new seasons.

Unexpected returns on March 6, 2022. Season 3 of Doubling Down With The Derricos premieres on Tuesday, February 22.

However, fans are still waiting for updates on long-running shows OutDaughtered and Little People, Big World.

In the meantime, the Busbys and their extended family, the Mills, have been sharing life updates with their social media followers.

A family poses in front of a '2022' balloon
Credit: Dale Mills Instagram

Uncle Dale Mills’ latest update will hit viewers right in the feels. What sad news did he share?

Uncle Dale Mills shares ‘sad’ news

Dale’s news had nothing to do with anyone dying or other misfortune. Rather, the reality star shared his difficulty with time marching on as his daughter, Kenzie, hit another milestone.

Kenzie turned 11 over the summer of 2021. She’s just a year older than her cousin, Blayke Busby, though the two are besties.

As a tween, Kenzie recently attended her very first middle school dance and her dad has a lot of feelings about it. “Sadly, my baby girl is growing up!” he announced on Instagram. In his sweet post, he recalled attending dances of his own in school.

I would come home drenched in sweat from dancing all night.” Uncle Dale loves to dance and once dreamed of being in a boy band.

Credit: Dale Mills Instagram

Kenzie’s dad wasn’t the only one having a tough time with her first dance.

How is Aunt Kiki handling it?

Aunt Kiki documented getting Kenzie ready for the dance on her Instagram Stories. At first, mom was excited for her daughter’s big night. However, as the glam session continued, Aunt Kiki found herself fighting back tears.

She also shared a photo of Kenzie ready for the dance. Check out her cute dress!

Credit: Crystal Mills/Instagram

Can you believe Kenzie Mills is old enough for her first middle school dance? Share your school dance memories in the comments below.

If you have kids, you can probably relate to Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki. Check back with us for updates on a possible Season 9 of OutDaughtered.

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  1. If you take these shows off, there really isn’t much else on TV these days that compares — these are the only shows I actually look forward to watching!

    1. What is really sad is that is nothing with any intelligence on {including shows like this} the tv audience is watching mind numbing programmes, they are not learning a single thing. The only thing left for mr is British shows.

      1. I hope the Busby family come back on as well the little people love these kind of show I don’t watch shows like sister wives I live the 1,000 pound sisters …. family shows are awesome…..

  2. Please ,put the show back on!!please.I can’t believe they have not started filming .I love this family!Uncle Dale is awesome!I love outdaughtered .little couple,little people, big world.Why does tlc ,network,take off the good shows and put shows on thats just bull**** drama and have tell all’s to rip them apart..please enough of that..bring back the family oranated shows.thanks

  3. I do not like that your article did a comparison to the Derricos that family has nothing to do with Outdaughtered season 9. Stop indirectly trying to cause issues with the other family because they are black.

    1. I think they were just trying to relate because it is another reality tv show with a bunch of kids. You don’t have to automatically think it’s about race, that’s not the only thing in this world! 🙄

  4. Love outdaughtered,Derricos, Little People. Family shows. Do not like the shows with same sex and that sort. Leave those off.

  5. I love the Derricos, for such a large family the children are well mannered and studious. All the families with children are good and family oriented.

  6. Luv thee Dericos , they r extremely entertainning, they have so So much luv for one another n all So So Well mannered glad to see them back , also out daughtered is a very nice program to watch, hoping they will be back.

  7. I love this show. Watching the girls grow and there parent succeed with these children has been great. They are regular people and you can relate. They have such a good support system and some how things have worked out. I can’t wait for them to return…this is a good show, bring it back, please.

  8. I LOVE all these shows! Especially Out Daughter! I look forward to seeing them each season.
    It’s much better than watching the depressing news! And it’s real life stuff! And fun to watch!

  9. Get the Busby’s,Little People Big world 7Little Johnstones and such shows back on.Who wants to watch 1000 lb people or pimple popper or other crappy shows.Not me!

  10. Out daughtered is the awesome show, all’s some are doing is trying to off the show because of the danm demicraps. We are not racist, we are true relaxed Republicans.

  11. Please don’t cancel Out daughter that would be very sad, for me and my great-grandchildren, it’s not much on TV that we can watch together,

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    The Little Couple
    Little People Big World
    These shows are about Love, Joy and Hope in this world and i’d have to say we could all use more of that!
    Please consider a return of these heartwarming programs!!!!!

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