Moriah Plath Single? Max Kallschmidt Tells His Side Of The Story

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Is Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt’s relationship over? Welcome to Plathville fans have been waiting for an update from the young couple. For months, speculation about them possibly splitting up has been circulating. So, what’s going on between the pair, and what does Max have to say about the state of their relationship?

If you watched TLC’s Welcome to Plathvilleyou saw Max and Moriah’s relationship begin. Fans loved their friendship and enjoyed watching them become romantically interested in each other.

However, recently, fans haven’t seen a thing about Max on Moriah’s Instagram page. Fans have been filling her comments section with questions about whether she’s single. They want to know why she hasn’t posted about Max and what’s going on.

Moriah has chosen to keep this part of her life private for now. Based on her social media content, fans have assumed that they split up. But there hasn’t been any official word on their relationship status.

Now, Max Kallschmidt has decided it’s time to speak up and share an update on their relationship. So, what happened, and is Moriah Plath single now?

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Max Kallschmidt reveals where he stands with Moriah Plath.

In a new YouTube video, Max shared an update about himself and his relationship with Moriah. In the video, the Welcome to Plathville star is sitting in his car, talking to his camera. He confirmed he and Moriah have officially ended their relationship.

In the video, he discusses a number of issues he was dealing with in his relationship and his personal life. For one, he felt like he was being pressured into living with Moriah, Ethan, and Olivia. Plus, he, Ethan, and Olivia were not getting along with each other.

Sadly, things started to go downhill between Moriah Plath and Max Kallschmidt. He said they argued and were having communication issues. When he went out with a friend and ended up meeting another woman. He claims that he made a mistake and that had a negative impact on his relationship. Though Max claims he wasn’t intimate with the girl he met, things still worsened with Moriah as a result.

The young couple took a one-month break and didn’t talk during that time. This allowed Moriah to work on making music. Max went to therapy.

Ultimately, they decided to split. They decided to remain friends.

So, are you sad to hear Max Kallschmidt’s update on his relationship with Moriah Plath? Did you like them together? Let us know in the comments section below. And for the latest Welcome to Plathville news, come back to TV Shows Ace. You can see Max’s full video below.

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  1. Max, proud of you for coming forward to speak to us about problems. I don’t know if going to Barry & Kim for help just the way they are to their children and about how the boys and girls should be and not being able to keep out of relationships. All the best though!!!

  2. I am glad that they are no longer together. I didn’t like the way she responded to Max when he tried nicely to ask her very politely not to wear such revealing clothing out in public. Seemed as though she enjoyed having men ogle her and that made him uncomfortable. I agree with him but she refused to try to understand his point of view and basically said that she was finally rebelling against her upbringing. I am glad he is not going to be pressured into living with people he really didn’t want to live with (Olivia and Ethan) or not even ready to live with, Moriah included. I hope Max enjoys a more private life now!!

    1. She can wear whatever she wants and as she explained, her parents controlled everything she did her whole life and the way she dressed was a way of expressing herself and NOBODY has the right to ask her to or make her change that. Besides, Moriah wasn’t the one who played wingman and almost cheated!

    2. I think she was just not the kind of girl he wanted…. usually no guy wants his girl to be prancing around half naked..Pretty is good..slutty is not !!

  3. Mac is gay and he and Micah were attracted to each other and this is the real reason Micah left so abruptly to LA and this is the real reason Max and Moriah broke up. Too bad Max won’t just come out of the closet.

    1. FINALLY someone is saying it!! She won’t speak about it because then shes outting them. It was more than obvious last season the attraction between Micah & Max…

      1. Good that she moved on. To be VERY serious, I know thousands of people, and just ONE person who married and stayed with the person that they had their serious relationship with. So breaking up with your first, is really NORMAL. Welcome to the REAL world❕

  4. I am also glad that he moved on! She needs to grow up! Respect her mom. Not listen to Olivia. You don’t have to agree with your parents to acknowledge the love the have for you. When she told her parents they couldn’t come see her because of Olivia that was enough for me! If Olivia and eathan get blessed with children karma will prevail

  5. I am happy that Max is finding peace in his life and it is definitely hard to live your life on television! I’m glad he is taking care of himself and bettering himself in private. Good Luck, Max!

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