‘MAFS’ Alyssa Ellman Reveals What Chris Collette’s Friends Told Her

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When MAFS star Alyssa Ellman married Chris Collette at first sight she said his friends shared information she did not like. She didn’t talk much about what it was on camera. Now that she and Chris are not together she is dishing on what they told her that was a huge turn-off. Keep reading to find out more.

MAFS Alyssa Ellman reveals what Chris Collette’s friends told her

Married at First Sight bride Alyssa Ellman revealed that her wedding night with Chris Collette was one of the hardest nights of her life. Distractify shared what Alyssa had to say about what really happened that night off-camera.

As it is, Alyssa was already not too keen on marrying Chris. She was not physically attracted to him when she saw him. Then, at the reception, things got even worse. His friends reportedly told her things that turned her off even more.

One thing they shared was that Chris was prone to talking down to other people. Alyssa did not like this information. While that isn’t good, there are other things they shared that to her were even worse.

Alyssa is an animal lover. In fact, she is involved with an animal rescue. So, what his friends revealed next is also bad and for Alyssa it was an immediate red flag. They shared that Chris wanted to get rid of a dog he recently adopted. Alyssa has been rescuing dogs and helping them find a home for more than ten years. So, this news obviously did not sit well with her.

There were more red flags

Getting rid of his dog was a huge red flag for Alyssa as was hearing his friends say he can be condescending. Plus, she says that his family told her that he works all day every day and is often on his phone.

Alyssa said, “I don’t think anyone entering a new relationship would want to hear any of this.” She continued, “The night of the wedding when we talked without cameras there was an incident across the hall where a young girl seemed to be in trouble. As I just had basically one of the hardest nights of my life I sat outside with this young girl for over an hour at 3 a.m.”

As for why she even married him, Alyssa said she felt as though she blacked out for the first part of their wedding. She said, “When I walked down the aisle, I knew he wasn’t physically my type but I was hoping for all the other things I had asked for in someone.” Alyssa went on to say, “Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. I’ve dated multiple people who weren’t my typical type but we had a lot in common and had fun together. But there are some things for me I cannot overlook and I shouldn’t have to.”

Fans saw Chris tell Alyssa and Pastor Cal last week that he was done and wanted a divorce. Many are hoping Chris will get another chance at MAFS. 

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