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Bill Klein Says Little People Deal With ‘Heavy Sh*t’ Every Year

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Bill Klein gave The Little Couple fans a much-needed update on Jen Arnold post-surgery via Instagram. He tells fans he never had any doubt in how the surgery would go, but reassured fans the surgery was a success. In the second half of the post, Bill Klein got a bit heavy with his followers. He dishes on surgeries being par for the course for a little person.

Bill Klein says little people deal with lots of ‘heavy sh*t’

In his Instagram update, Bill Klein also revealed he got a lot of messages from people asking what was going on with his wife Jen. He explained that she had hip replacement surgery over 20 years ago. The replacement failed (which sometimes happens) and she needed revision surgery.

The caption of his Instagram post shifted a bit after that as he noted that as little people, he and his wife deal with a lot of “heavy sh*t” all the time.

The Little Couple - YouTube
The Little Couple – YouTube

He penned: “Being an LP is a lot more than dealing with the pointing and staring…not that I would mind that crap stopping completely too… for our kids sake if nothing else.”

“But we deal with some heavy sh*t almost every year, for the better part of our lives.” Bill Klein continued.

Other members of the LP community related

In the comments of his post, there were a lot of members of the LP community that found his post to be super relatable. In addition to praising him and his wife on being brave, here’s what some of his followers had to say in the comments:

  • “As the parent of a child with #diastrophicdysplasia I can attest to this. Every year there is a major surgery. But- it makes us appreciate the everyday things even more. AND seeing successful adult LPs like you all also helps remind us it will pay off.”
  • “As a fellow LP this sh*t is intense and constant… glad she’s doing well!”

Even parents of children with other medical disabilities found the post to be extremely relatable and appreciated it.

The Little Couple - Jen Arnold Bill Klein
The Little Couple – Jen Arnold Bill Klein Instagram

Bill Klein concluded his post with a caption that noted he “married his motivation” referring to his wife Jen Arnold.

Are you relieved to know Jen Arnold’s surgery went well? Do you understand where Bill Klein is coming from with the struggles of being a little person?

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