‘Sister Wives’: Is Kody Brown In Violation Of His TLC Contract?

Kody Brown - YouTube

An interesting topic of conversation popped up on Reddit recently regarding whether Kody Brown of Sister Wives is in violation of his contract with TLC. Did he post something he shouldn’t have on social media? Did he say something he shouldn’t have on Cameo? What sparked Sister Wives fans to ponder if Kody Brown is in violation of his TLC contract? Keep reading for the details.

‘Sister Wives’: Did Kody Brown Violate His TLC Contract?

As we previously reported, a sneak preview of Part 3 of the Sister Wives: Tell-All was released yesterday. The clip featured snippets of Christine and Kody’s one-on-one interview. During Kody’s interview, things got a bit heated. He reached a point where he became so bothered by the topic of conversation that he told the host he was no longer interested in discussing anything that had to do with Christine.

On Reddit, fans admit they are a bit baffled as to why Kody is just allowed to shut down the conversation in that manner. They questioned “how far does his power reach” as they discussed it. One fan wanted to know if TLC could get out of paying Kody’s paycheck if he refused to participate in the interview properly. Didn’t his contract require him to participate in the conversation?

Kody Brown - YouTube
Kody Brown – YouTube

Other Fans Believe TLC Lives For The Drama Of It

Some fans were quick to argue Kody Brown likely did not violate TLC’s contract as TLC lives for the drama. These fans noted Kody throwing a tantrum and shutting down the conversation leaves the door open for another season with more drama. If Kody Brown answers all of the questions and clears the air fans would get closure. If fans get closure, would there be a reason for the show to return for another season?

Many fans believe Christine Brown’s decision to walk away should be the end of this TLC series. At the very least, some fans admit they would love a spin-off of Christine living her single life without Kody. It, however, is important to keep in mind fans have been begging for TLC to cancel this series for a few seasons now and it hasn’t happened yet. So, only time will tell if it will return for another season.


So, do you think Kody Brown violates his contract with TLC by trying to control the narrative during his one-on-one drama? Or, do you think the network allows him to have this power during the interview? Share your thoughts with us in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Sister Wives.

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  1. What power? Kody doesn’t have ANY power. His sorry life is spiraling out of control and his ego is getting crushed. I notice how, in these more recent seasons, his tone of voice is much harsher. He used to be more softly spoken. The noodle-haired one has lost any respect his family had for him. He has absolutely no power.

      1. Kody kiss my ass what kind of a man are you?? The worst of the worst!!! No matter what roll you play, where is your dignity? Guess you don’t have any when it comes to the all mighty dollars!!

    1. Why is this trash still on tv? Why would any woman put herself in this position, ladies have more respect for yourselves and dump this lifestyle and get free of this pig!

    2. I’m so over Kody’s worrying about HISSELF…..He says me or I no one else matters .
      How is it OK THAT ROBIN IS DIVORCED but the world will stop with Christine divorcing Cody !,
      Kody is SELF CENTERED HE CAN NOT SEE PASS HIS WORLD ! He has a favorite wife ROBIN HE DOESN’T care about the others ! Kody should has spent time with his children while they where close !

  2. Robin is a big cry baby and Kody is a jerk! The only ones that matter to me and have any sense are Janelle and Christine. Meri is a coward, she won’t leave that turkey even though he has treated her badly through the years.
    Wish TLC would focus on the children more. Get rid of Kody for sure!

      1. If he violated the terms of the contract or not, depends in what the specifics of the contract are. He is a terrible husband for not working through his issues with Mari who is obviously willing to work through the mistakes she has made. His unwillingness to work in the marriage makes him a bad person. If Robyn loves the sister wives experience, this requires having sister wives which she currently does not have and apparently has not had for 5-10 years if the information from Meri and Christine is accurate. How Cody is treating those women should be a clear indication of how he may treat her some day. He should be honest with Meri and encourage her to have the physical relationship she deserves in life and he open and excepting if her journey in that experience if he is not having a marriage with her. Yes, a real marriage consists of physical contact. Friends want the best and full lives for each other. Be a good person Cody. Have your monogamous relationship with Robyn and set the other women free to live full and satisfying lives (even if they cannot see it for themselves…push it because they deserve it from YOU!). I have watched from the beginning and think this show should be cancelled and the women (Christine, Meri and Jenelle) should have a show that follows them and their kids after this Cody/Robyn situation. How they go on to live their their best lives. I liked Robyn so much for the first 5 years but in the last 3 years or more, she does come across very fake, not true in her support of sister wives or making compromises…especially during COVID. Sad for her kids in particular as some compromises in Cody’s part could have kept his kids closer. His hard line has hurt so many.

    1. Why does Robin need a Nanny?? The other wives have all managed to take care of their children without help. Crybaby?? YES!!!!

      1. Best quote ever “what. does. the. nanny. do.”??? Lol!!! She only has like 2 small kids and the others are teens/adults and they can help with their siblings, or even Meri can come help. But ridiculous to spend money on a nanny.. smh!!

  3. Kody is a frigging jerk! I believe he thinks he is a god. Women should bow down to him and give him the respect he thinks he is entitled to. BS!!!!! This is the 20th century. Get with it! If you treated your wives with the same respect and love, you think you should have, you would not be having these problems. And take a good look Robyn because SHE is the problem. She thinks that you and her should be together she could give a crap about the other women and/or the kids. And the kids are suffering. Time for you to act like a real father. JERK!!

  4. If I could buy Kody Brown for what he’s worth but sell him for what HE thinks he is worth, I’d be the richest person in this world! I pray his wives realize they have a right to be happy & most likely they’d be better off without the idiot!

  5. What does he do for a living other than TLC, does he have an Education? It appears his wives work or take care of Children. He definitely has a Napolanic
    Complex i.e., he is mean and
    everything is about him…do you understand the sacrifice Mary made so you could marry Robin to make her kids legal? You are an idiot…you treat your Boys like crap because they stand up to you…you should be ashamed….the Public sees what you really are..unless TLC is spinning a Big Hoax….and you wonder why these Awesome Women are leaving you…they can do better…actually, what have you done for them?

  6. Just remember that ,like all “Reality TV”, this highly scripted and nothing is spontaneous or left to chance. It is “entertainment “. Nothing more nothing less.

  7. If everyone would stop and think back it was because of Robin son got school there and she didn’t want him there by his self so everyone had to do want Robin wanted leave vas and move to flag staff and now the other wives know how Merri felt Robin is nothing but a liar and a cry baby

  8. It cracks me up to read all the “I hate Kody” remarks. Kody is the most genuine person on the show, besides the kids. Christine is as fake as a $3 bill with her “look at me, I am a powerful, self-sufficient woman now.” If she didn’t have Social Media and a bunch of Twitter clowns encouraging her, she would still be waiting around begging for morsels of attention from Kody. Christine pursued Kody. She has said so herself. She knew exactly what she was getting into, as did the other three wives. Kody is older and I am sure he is tired and less tolerant, just as most people are as they get older. If I were him, I would be happy if all of those bitches packed up and left, especially whiney, fake Christine.

    1. Kody is the fake and a loser he is a crybaby and if you think he’s genuine then you don’t know what you are talking about he is a bum and I don’t have any respect for him and he deserves everything he is getting

  9. I cannot for the life of me understand TLC financing Kody to be so abusive to his “wives” and children. I get it that all shows need a bit of drama; but do the children ( grown or not) understand this? Maybe it’s time for TLC to move onto healthier subject matter for viewers?

  10. If a woman thinks so little of herself to share a man with three other women I guess they deserve a loser like Cody. Feel bad for the children. Think we are crazy for watching!

  11. He’s
    full of himself & he’s the biggest NARCISSIST I’ve ever seen ! He thinks he’s some sort of God & really he’s just the biggest NARCISSIST I’ve ever seen ! The man ain’t going to heaven that’s for sure !

  12. Ladies please! Run, do not walk out of this horrid situation. You are responsible for your own happiness and your “husband” is not contributing to it. He is a narcissist of the first order. He does not love his children enough to allow them to express themselves without taking it as a personal affront.

  13. I don’t understand why everyone is dissing on Kody. Do they actually watch the show or just follow headlines? He has bore the brunt of most everything. BUT ever since Robin came along, I’ve gotten the sense that she’s the “wife,” the favorite. I really like Janelle and Mary. But Mary should take a cue from Christine and leave. I wanted to dislike Christine. Something about her seems unlikable. But good on her for following her heart and being independent. All I know is 4 wife’s and 400 kids… ouch

  14. Kody is the biggest piece of shot! He thinks he is the world revolves all around him! Hell his own damn kids can’t stand him! Christine is a Queen and honestly, the only smart one because she left his ass!!

  15. Cody is an Ass. I think he is only concerned about Robin. Everything is Robin and how wonderful her and her kids are…let’s not forget..those kids are Not Cody’s biological children but they get more consideration than his 15 other kids. Robin controls everything! The other woman should move on without Cody and find true love and happiness. Let Cody and Robin have eachother and go away with those 5 children.

  16. I was a sceptic at first, but then liked how they conducted themselves and how all the children were family! Then the cracks have turned in the grand canyon!
    To Cody a woman’s kids will always come first, especially when you the father/ hubby come and go as you please.
    Mary, I can see why you looked out side the marriage for attention and possibly love. While it may have turn out fake, it did show you need to be loved. And it wasn’t coming from Cody
    Janell, the kept the peace and play along, while covid was so uncertain, and cody made unrealistic rules, you needed to take more charge with your own kids! Not kick them out, no mother would, but where Cody was to over the top, the boys didn’t show enough concern for what they could bring into the family!
    Christine, I saw Janelle said she was the princess! I can see it as well! Christine did the most noblest of jobs by Cleary raising most of the children (with no nanny)! But I also what to note the janelle and mary were out in the work force, major financial contributors to their lives. What I see looking in to this is christine was the queen bee for the longest time, being the final wife!! And Robin being brought in the family when christine was pregnant was a major blow to her kingdom!!
    Robin you knew what you were getting when you joined this group!! And stop your crying!! Its shows how you play the game and it is not showing your girls how to be strong! Covid was great for you! All you had to do was bow to Cody’s rules and you knew you would be on top of the ladder!! Stop crying about it! And why do you need a nanny??? 3 grown children at home to help?? You should bow to Mary for she opened the door in so many way!
    Cody, where to begin, you tell christine you intimate life with her is over and the get all upset and surely she packed you stuff!! Really! And you should have been with your daughter when she had her surgery!! Bad choice! This will come back 10 fold! Again you should be kissing Mary’s feet, she made it all happen for you! Robin, the kids…. yes she made a mistake, but why was she even there looking? She has been loyal, when the rest of your house of cards tumble!!
    Mary please leave and have a life you deserve, stop hanging on to a man who clearly doesn’t know what is the meaning of a husband is!
    This all had nothing to do with polygamy! And by the way christine, while the law does recognise your marriage, you did when you got married and try to tell the world about your spiritual union, you want us to recognize your union but now you say your divorced! As this now suits you , now you no longer believe in your church??? Truth only if it suits your view at the time
    I dont think the network will look at the children as a substitute as none of them want a that life style there parent brought to the network. How ever a show , show how they choose not to take their parents path but are still committed to there siblings, you might have something!!

  17. Kodi is an ass however I’ll give him this, he has said that he does not, will not have a real marriage with Meri ever again. He has said in their religion, the man really cannot leave a woman. He has basically told her I can’t leave you but you need to leave me. She’s the one hanging on for some miracle that’s not going to happen. He’s tried in the best possible way to say you need to leave which for him is astonishing because I find him to be nothing but a true narcissist. Robyn is such a crying selfish idiot it’s unreal. She got what she wanted and keeps getting it. I’m so glad Christine left. She looks amazing and I think she is feeling very liberated. I love how she said she thinks Jenelle fills her own tank and doesn’t really need Kody to do it. It amazed me recently to find out that Jenelle was once married to Meri’s brother and they divorced. They were at Meri and Kodi’s wedding! That explained so much as to the problems between Meri and Jenelle. I am hopeful that eventually Meri will get it and leave. I don’t think Jenelle ever will however I love how she chose her kids over Kodi during this whole crazy Covid thing of his. It was insane. I love how Paedon received a What Does the Nanny Do Tshirt and wore it on a tik tok video. Priceless!

  18. The show should be shut down anyway. It’s titled sister wives. There are no longer sister wives and he only has one wife which makes this not a polygamist relationship it is only monogamous if he is only having a relationship with one wife. Get rid of Cody and have a show about children from polygamist families. I’d be more interested in watching that.

  19. Robin is the only one Cody loves. The only reason Mary is still around and made the move to Flagstaff is so she doesn’t lose her income from the TLC Reality Show. The entire show is becoming more and more orchestrated and is a bit of an insult to the intelligence of the viewers.

  20. Kody is an absolute a$$.. I praise all the women for their choices to run (not walk) away from this egotistic moron. I have absolutely no tugging heart strings for Robyn – I feel that she was the beginning of the end for all of these unions. She can have this loser and I pray he brings no others into this train wreck union – those 2 just need to hang it up and live happily ever after in their own egotistical bliss. I wish the other ladies (saints – IMO) the best of luck in their new ventures and I truly hope they find true uncompromised love.

  21. Cody has used his other three wife’s for years and has said nothing but negative things about them in his interview. He never once thought about their feelings when he said what he said. It’s his way or the highway. He like to blame everyone but himself for the problems in the marriage. If you walk away and don’t address the problem….. you are problem!!!

  22. It’s staged and scripted for rating. They have even admitted as much.that tlc takes bits and pieces of a conversation to make it a conflict. For drama, mean rating , means money.

  23. Violating his contract should be the least of his worries. He is a law breaking, polygamist, arrogant ASSHOLE.

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