‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Christeline Petersen Resurfaces?

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Season 3 of Seeking Sister Wife was not without scandal. Especially when it came to OG cast members Dimitri and Ashley Snowden. After one unsuccessful dating experience and a failed marriage, they were back for round three. Everything started out extremely promising with South African beauty, Christeline Petersen. She seamlessly blended into the Snowden family along with her two daughters. Unfortunately, that fantasy quickly came crashing down, and Christeline all but disappeared.

Christeline’s Seeking Sister Wife Journey

It was all fate from the beginning. Dimitri and Ashley Snowden were spiritually married and had decided early on they wanted to build their tribe. In Season 1, they appeared to be navigating the idea of finding a sister wife and laying ground rules. By Season 2, they began to court Vanessa Cobbs. She was a single woman and mixed well with both Ashley and their three children. So well, she was willing to adhere to the Snowden’s 21-day alkaline diet. Furthermore, she relocated with them to California.

Seeking Sister Wife Dimitri Snowden - Ashley Snowden

At the end of the season, she had a lavish wedding but quickly realized it was not the right fit and left. There are varying stories as to how she did it but moved to Australia to be with her sister. In Season 3, the Snowdens were courting two women. Tayler was a single free spirit while Christeline was a mom of two from South Africa. They bonded with both but the pandemic and lockdown solidified a lot. Tayler clashed with Ashley and eventually, she left the home. Christeline stayed and Dimitri proposed.

Seeking Sister Wife Christeline - Dimitri Snowden
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In order for her to stay here permanently, it made sense for him to legally marry her. Yet, abuse allegations coincided with the series airing and began plaguing the show. Even Christeline’s daughters did not feel safe and a temporary restraining order was put in place. Christeline soon left the home and more allegations from others came out against Dimitri. No one was safe from him but they all wanted to protect Christeline and help her start a new life.

Christeline’s New Life

She was at a loss and needed help. Vanessa Cobbs came out of the darkness and helped a formerly abused ex Ariadne Joseph set up a GoFundMe for Petersen. They reached the goal and Christeline would give quick glimpses that she was safe on Instagram. She was extremely grateful that fans and followers were there to support her. It appeared she would be staying in California for the time being with the goal of returning to South Africa.

Credit: Christeline Petersen GoFundMe


Though she had an active Instagram account that would vacillate from private to public, Christeline is back. Everything is erased and she had just one new post. Looking healthy and happy, she simply says “Find me outside.” She appears to be in the woods, no location known. It was the first time anyone had heard from her since summer 2021. Her followers are thrilled to see her back with one commenting: “you are very much alive!”  Another added: “Outside looking gorgeous, drinking your water and clearly minding your business.”

Seeking Sister Wife Credit: Christeline Petersen IG

As for her former family, Dimitri left social media and no one has heard from him at all. There were allegations he is in debt and at one point was homeless. It is unclear if the couple is legally divorced. That leaves Ashley who proclaimed she was single after leaving Dimitri last year and starting her own wellness companies. She still actively posts.

Are you happy to see Christeline back and seemingly safe? Are you surprised the Seeking Sister Wife family ultimately dissolved into nothing? Let us know in the comments below.


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