Josh Duggar & Cousin Amy King’s Disturbing Conversation Surfaces

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On an old episode of TLC’s 19 Kids & CountingJosh Duggar had a bizarre chat with his cousin, Amy King. Now, that old video has surfaced, revealing what happened during their conversation.

It looks like the video clip hasn’t aged so well, especially amid Josh’s latest scandal. After watching the video again, fans and critics agree that it’s especially freaky. So, what did Josh chat about with his cousin, and why do viewers hate it so much?

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Josh Duggar & Amy King share a strange conversation.

In the newly resurfaced conversation between Josh and Amy, the cousins are talking before he gets married. The conversation was featured as he prepared to marry Anna Keller. Somehow, Josh and Amy begin talking about his first kiss. If you’re a Duggar fan, you probably know that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids don’t kiss their significant others until they’re married. So, Josh’s wedding day is a pretty big deal.

Amy explains that Josh has a lot of firsts ahead of him as he prepares to get hitched. She hints that he’s going to have his first kiss and his first “everything” on this day.

In another shot, Amy offers to give her cousin some “pointers,” admitting that she’s kissed a couple of boys before. Then, she says, “I want a grand finale. Not a peck.”

She also admits that she wants to see “fireworks.”

You can see the video below.

Duggar snarkers react to the ‘disturbing’ scene.

Over on Reddit, Duggar family critics are discussing this odd scene that Amy King and Josh Duggar shared. Someone noticed that Josh was licking his lips while talking to Amy about his upcoming first kiss. The Reddit user says, “And licking his lips while glancing at hers. He’s a freak.”

One Reddit user asks, “Well that was just all sorts of gross. Why do they seem to be into each other? 🤢” Another Duggar critic agrees, “It feels like there’s so much flirting going on here. Gross.”

Someone else feels a similar way and says, “This is so disturbing 😳”

Others on Reddit are describing this Josh Duggar and Amy King scene as creepy, awkward, cringey, disgusting, and more.

So, do you remember watching this creepy conversation on 19 Kids & Counting? What do you think of this scene featuring Josh Duggar and his cousin, Amy King? Let us know in the comments section below. For more news about the Duggar family, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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