‘1000-Lb. Sisters:’ Does Amy Halterman Want A Third Baby?

Amy Halterman from YouTube

1000-Lb. Sisters fans felt delighted when Amy Halterman announced she’s expecting her second child. Based on previous posts, Amy will give birth to another son sometime this summer.

But what happens after that? Are Amy and her husband Michael thinking about a third child? Fans want to know if the 1000-Lb. Sisters family will expand or if Amy is content with two children.

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Michael and Amy Halterman are thrilled to welcome another baby in 2022

Amy’s bariatric physician told her that she shouldn’t get pregnant for at least two years after her weight loss surgery. But more than anything, Amy really wanted to become a mother. She became pregnant with her son Gage just a few months after surgery.

Amy Halterman/YouTube

During the last few episodes of Season 3, Amy’s family found out that she and Michael were actively trying to have another baby. The couple felt sad when they had a negative pregnancy test toward the end of the season. But sometime after filming wrapped up, Amy found out that she was expecting again.

She happily announced the news to fans on social media and her YouTube channel.

In the video, Amy proudly shows off her ultrasound photos and reveals she’s due in mid-July. He’s going to be a C-section baby and she plans to get her tubes tied afterward.

This means that the second baby will be her last.

Amy always adamantly said she wanted two children who were close in age like she and Tammy are. But it seems that she’s firmly decided that she doesn’t want any more than two children.

Will the new baby change the relationship between the Slaton sisters?

In the pregnancy reveal video, Amy also mentioned that she and Michael already had a few names picked out. However, they don’t want to share any yet.

Amy Halterman/YouTube

When Michael and Amy filmed the video, they didn’t yet know they were having another son. That information came out in their gender reveal video.

Many 1000-Lb. Sisters fans wonder how Tammy Slaton will react to the new baby. It’s clear that Tammy does love her nephew Gage, but she’s also jealous of him from time to time. Now that Amy will have two small children, she won’t have much time to take care of Tammy once she leaves rehab.

Throughout Season 3, Amy made it clear that she wants to focus on her own family more often. And that’s going to be pretty tough if Tammy always needs Amy’s attention.

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