Melissa Gorga Shares Thoughts On Teresa Giudice’s Premarital Choice


Real Housewives of New Jersey‘s Melissa Gorga is speaking out on her thoughts on Teresa Giudice’s decision to skip the prenup with Luis Ruelas. One thing Teresa is not lacking is opinions on the subject, whether she wants them or not.

Melissa recently sat down to chat with the Two Ts In A Pod hosts Tamra Judge and Teddi Mellencamp to dish on sister-in-law Teresa Giudice’s upcoming wedding plans. The subject quickly turned to the recent news on Giudice’s recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live, where she revealed she has no plans to have Luis sign a prenup according to The Heavy.

Melissa Gorga Steering Clear Of Family Drama

Giudice left family, friends, and fans shocked by claiming she felt she has no need for the pre-marital agreement. As previously reported by TV Shows Ace, Bravo host Andy Cohen is having a hard time with Teresa Giudice’s decision and feels she should seriously reconsider. In the end, Teresa reveals she was open to doing whatever Luis wanted to do on the matter.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

‘I Just Want Teresa To Be Happy’ Claims Melissa Gorga

During her interview with Judge and Mellencamp, Melissa shared her thoughts on the subject. Gorga claims that today, as a grown, 42-year-old woman she would absolutely have a prenup before marrying.

“You know what I’m saying? I was getting married at 24, and I think Teresa was 27 the first time. I think that maybe you don’t think that way but, right now would I? Yes, states Gorga.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Tamra asks Gorga if any of the RHONJ cast members have discussed with Teresa to reconsider not signing the prenuptial agreement?

Gorga replies, “Yeah, I think we definitely give our opinion but sometimes it’s better to just say, “You’re also a grown adult do as you wish.”

One thing Melissa Gorga admits is that if there is anything she has learned over the years is it is sometimes better just to keep her thoughts and opinions to herself.

“Teresa is grown at this point. So, it’s whatever they decide and whatever works for her. I want her to stay happy in her little love bubble,” claims Gorga.

Keeping Teresa’s Love Bubble Alive

There has been a lot of drama between the RHONJ wives and Teresa when it comes to Luis Ruelas. During the past two episodes, a lot of drama is unfolding amongst the wives. Teresa is taking all the questioning over Luis’ past as a personal attack. She is ready to go after anyone and everyone who wants to keep butting into her relationship, especially Margaret Josephs.

Josephs feels an urgent need to let Giudice know that she feels Ruelas should address the bizarre video that they all have so many questions about. Tre just wants to let Luis past stay in the past and move forward with their lives together. However, all of the Jersey ladies are feeling a bit uneasy about the relationship. But it is Marge, who will not let it go.

Melissa Gorga weighs in on the video stating, “I know that these videos are circulating. I also know there were rumors and exes and all this stuff going on. But, who has a bigger past than Teresa?  It is not for me to judge Luis on his past. I want to judge him for how he acts and when he is in the room with us, how he treats Teresa, and how he treats the girls.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Many fans feel as if Gorga is stepping back and waiting. Some claim that they feel Melissa is not wanting to stir the Giudice/Gorga family drama pot, at least not for now. However, in Jersey, things can change at the drop of a hat, and hidden feuds are always lurking at every corner.

Do you believe Melissa Gorga will steer clear of the family drama in an attempt to keep the peace this season?

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs Tuesday nights on Bravo.





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