Katie Thurston’s Sweet Valentine Tribute To John Hersey Hits Sour Note With Fans

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Bachelorette alum Katie Thurston meant to post a sweet tribute to her Valentine, John Hersey. However, it hit a sour note with fans. Why? Keep reading for all the details.

Sky diving with new beau

Katie Thurston has been enjoying life with her romance with John Hersey despite backlash from some followers. The Bachelorette alum announced her new relationship mere weeks after confirming her split with Blake Moynes.

The television personality got engaged to Moynes during the Season 17 finale but they split less than three months later.

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Katie Thurston and John Hersey/Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Thurston and Hersey wasted no time showing off their love. The two recently took an extended vacation to Mexico. Additionally, Katie joined her beau on a sky diving adventure after returning from vacation.

She shared a video on her Instagram about her first time jumping out of a plane. Click here to see the full video.

Katie Thurston’s sweet Valentine message to John Hersey

Katie Thurston went public with her new man at the beginning of November. She took to her Instagram on 2/14/2022 to share a sweet tribute on their first Valentine’s Day as a couple.

Hersey was a contestant on her season of Bachelorette, though he didn’t make it far. He was sent home in week two. However, they sparked a friendship after the show, which ultimately blossomed into romance.

Thurston wrote her beloved a short poem to express her feelings.

My heart danced in a way that was new. A crowded room but felt like us two. Some talk about Cupid or love at first sight. I never understood until that very same night. Your eyes, that smile, you energized my soul. You ignited my world, leaving me whole. Once you found a rose floating at sea. I can’t help but think we were always meant to be. ” – Katie Thurston, Instagram.

“My every day Valentine,” she added.

The post received over 300 comments and 83K heart reacts. While many of her followers left positive comments wishing the two a Happy Valentine’s Day, she received some pushback, as well. Why?

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Credit: Katie Thurston/Instagram

Bachelor Nation fans get salty

Love at first sight? Meant to be? Some of Thurston’s social media followers took issue with those declarations. The salty fans pointed out that it couldn’t be love at first sight if Hersey was sent home in the second week of the show. Check out some of the replies calling Katie out:

  • But wasn’t he on your season?? Love at first sight?
  • How was it love at first sight when you sent him home?
  • I’m confused…love at first site [SIC] in a crowded room? But you sent him home?
  • Hey I’ve heard this one before…..just, a different guy
  • If it was love at first sight why did you send him home in week 2 lmao
  • Y’all been dating for like 2 months

One follower asked for the couple to do an Instagram Story of “why you got rid of him first night and how you reconnected.” The former Bachelorette replied that they might do that at some point because she gets asked about the timeline a lot.

Do you think it was love at first sight for Katie Thurston and John Hersey? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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