‘Love Is Blind’: Jarrette Describes His Brutal Attack

Love Is Blind from Netflix

This article will definitely contain spoilers from the first five episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2, so read at your own risk!

If you’ve been keeping up with Love Is Blind Season 2, one story in particular might have stood out to you. Jarrette comes off as strong and confident in his own abilities, but he has a vulnerable side too.

While in the pods, Jarrette revealed he was the victim of a stabbing about a year prior to filming Season 2. What exactly went down for the Love Is Blind star?

Jarrette of Love Is Blind was attacked by someone he considered a close friend

We still don’t have explicit details about the stabbing. But Jarette did give us an inside glimpse of the situation while chatting in the pods.

“I spent about a week being in the ICU by myself. I had an issue with someone who I thought was a really close friend of mine,” he confided to his eventual fiancee Iyanna. “There had been friction between us for quite some time. We had had, like, an issue. I never saw the knife in his hand. I was stabbed. Yeah, I end up passing out, that’s all I remember.”

Iyanna was shocked at his confession and immediately sympathetic.

“I haven’t had anybody there to go through this with,” Jarette continued. He revealed he wanted to come on Love Is Blind to find his wife. He never wanted to experience loneliness like that ever again.

Jarrette/Love Is Blind

Audience members eventually got to see the big scar on Jarette’s abdomen during a romantic massage session. Iyanna ran her fingers over them and asked if he had any feeling in the area.

“I’ve got some hard tissue, some soft tissue,” he replied.

During his time on Love Is Blind, Jarette admitted that he had trouble talking about the stabbing. Iyanna was the first one he told aside from his family and close friends.

Do Jarette and Iyanna have what it takes to make it to the altar?

Love Is Blind fans clearly see that Iyanna is in love with Jarette. But they also feel that Jarette only chose Iyanna because Mallory rejected his proposal. Will Jarette be able to fully commit to Iyanna or will his lingering feelings for Mallory get in the way?

We’re going to see this play out when the next four episodes of Love Is Blind Season 2 drop on February 18. The wedding episode will take place the following Friday.

Do you believe that Jarette and Iyana will be end game? Be sure to let us know what you’re thinking in the comments. Keep following us online for more Love Is Blind Season 2 news. We’ll keep you filled in.

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