Kim Kardashian Unbothered By Kanye’s Instagram Tirade?

Kim Kardashian from Youtube

Kim Kardashian has been putting up with a lot of drama with her ex, Kanye West. Now, she’s showing off her body on Instagram and seems totally unbothered by the drama going on around her.

Kim Kardashian unbothered on Instagram

Kim Kardashian is strutting her stuff on Instagram without a care in the world. Despite the ongoing drama between herself and her ex, she’s not letting that stop her from being herself on her social media platforms.

In the photos that she shared, she is dressed in modern Kim K. style. She’s decked out in an all-black jumpsuit from head to toe. She finished the look off with statement black sunglasses and a sparkling silver purse. Her long dark hair goes all the way to her waist.

Kim Kardashian from YouTube
Kim Kardashian | YouTube

Kim Kardashian fans jumped in the comments to show how happy they are that she is remaining ‘unbothered’ by all of the drama and rants Kanye has been going on publicly.

  • “queen stay unbothered”
  • “Is her just posting like regular and ignoring everything for me😂😩 I love it”
  • “We love an unbothered queen 🙌🔥”
  • “Unbothered and thriving”
  • “We love you queen!! You deserve the best ❤️❤️”

By the peace sign Kim is throwing up in one of the photos it seems that staying unbothered is exactly what she plans to do.

Is North embarrassed by Kanye?

With all that’s been happening lately, it seems that one of these days North West would get embarrassed by one of her parents. It seems the day has finally come but not for the reason everyone expected. Instead, it seems to be because her dad wore a face mask to the Big Game.

Not just a COVID face mask though. In fact, he wore a piece of black fabric covering his entire head. The mask featured a few small holes for breathing.

In videos posted by a Kardashian fan account, it seems North West was less than impressed by her dad’s choice in wardrobe. It seems she may be getting to the age where she doesn’t think it’s cool to hang out with her parents anymore. Especially when her parents are dressed like that.

Hopefully Kanye’s attire to the game didn’t scar her too much.

Do you think Kim Kardashian is doing right by playing it cool? Or should she be getting more involved? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more Kardashian family news!

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