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Hallmark Hunk Featured In 2022 Super Bowl Kia ‘Robo Dog’ Commercial: Video

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The Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals played the Super Bowl on Sunday, but most people tune in for the commercials. This year, Hallmark hunk Sam Page starred in one of the ads, and fans of the actor and network went to social media all aflutter.

We have the video ad and what people have been saying!

Sam Page Starred In Kia Robo Dog Commercial

Sam Page (One Summer, A Godwink Christmas: Second Chance, First Love) took some time away from being a Hallmark hunk to starring in a 2022 Super Bowl ad for Kia. Called Robo Dog, This is a minute-long commercial where we see Sam charge up his Kia EV6 electric car, as a robot dog looks longingly at him.

That is because this robotic pet sees real dogs all around him. They are getting attention, while he is by his lonesome. So when Sam puts away the charging cord and hops into his Kia, the robot dog starts chasing him.

After running down the street and jumping from building to building, he is about to leap into the Kia. Unfortunately, his battery died. That is no problem. This owner knows the solution, charges up the robotic pup, and they drive off happily ever after. The song playing through the whole commercial is Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart.”

Sam Page went to Twitter and wrote, “I may have taken him home, but @Kiausa Robo Dog belongs to everyone #ad. See how you can take him home, play fetch, and teach him a new trick through the #RoboDog AR experience (link in bio). #LiveFullyCharged #KiaEV6 #DogmentedReality.”

Sam Page, Robot Dog-
Sam Page, Robot Dog-

Fans Go To Social Media When They See Hallmark Star In Kia Robo Dog Super Bowl Ad

People love to go to social media during big events like the Super Bowl. So, it is no surprise that when a popular Hallmark hunk like Sam Page is in an ad, fans notice. One woman went to Twitter to comment. She wrote, “Oh look a Hallmark actor I recognize and like in this car commercial. Also love the Pat Benatar song and cute robo dog.”

She got the Hallmark star part right. However, this was not American star Pat Benatar. She is a mezzo-soprano. Instead, it is a Bonnie Tyler song. The Welsh singer has a distinctive husky voice.

Another enthusiastic fan went to Twitter and replied to Sam Page, “Watching the Super Bowl and the robo dog ad came on…and suddenly there you were!! I said to my husband…That’s one of my favorite Hallmark actors! Nice job! Loved seeing you!”

Sam Page Is Currently In New Netflix Movie Brazen, With Alyssa Milano, And Another Hallmark Star

Currently, Sam is starring alongside Alyssa Milano in the dominatrix Netflix movie, Brazen. In addition, Emelie Ullerup (Chesapeake Shores, Don’t Forget I Love You), also stars. This movie is based on a Nora Roberts mystery, so you know it is good and there will be a romance in the movie.

However, it is not anything like a Hallmark movie, but more like a Lifetime thriller, with a risqué Netflix TV-14 age rating.

Was Sam Page in Robo Dog one of your favorite 2022 Super Bowl ads?

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