Ashley Iaconetti Shook Shanae Ankney Bashed Elizabeth

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Ashley Iaconetti is not happy with Shanae Ankney along with the rest of Bachelor Nation. The Bachelor in Paradise alum always shares what she thinks and her thoughts on Shanae are no different. Keep reading to find out what Ashley had to say about how Shanae treated Elizabeth Corrigan.

Ashley Iaconetti slams Shanae Ankney’s behavior

US Weekly shared what Ashley Iaconetti had to say about how Shanae Ankney treated Elizabeth Corrigan on The Bachelor. Recall, Shanae drew horrible attention to herself when she made fun of Elizabeth Corrigan for having ADHD.

Ashley couldn’t wrap her mind around the fact that Shanae could belittle Elizabeth for her condition. She said, “I didn’t see last night’s episode yet. And last Monday, we were in the hospital watching it, so I was kind of in and out.” Ashley continued, “I don’t know if [Shanae’s] the biggest villain of all-time, but the fact that she kept calling out Elizabeth on the ADHD thing was something that, like, we haven’t really seen, like, somebody belittling somebody for their brain [and for] a syndrome that they have [is] crazy.”

Fans and fellow alums were not happy with how Shanae acted. Clayton sent Elizabeth home instead of Shanae. Since then there have been many pleas for Elizabeth to get another chance at love and be named The Bachelorette. 

Elizabeth handled it all gracefully. The Colorado realtor also received an apology from Clayton Echard via social media following the episode airing. He claimed to not know how Shanae was acting behind his back. He said he would have sent her home immediately had he known. However, Lyndsey Windham seems to believe Clayton did have a clue what was going on.

Ashley’s advice

Ashley knows what a two-on-one date is all about. She experienced it herself with Kelsey Poe in Season 19 of The Bachelor. So, she has a little advice for anyone in this position. Ashley said, “I feel like my advice is probably to, like, not bring up the other person at all.” She continued, “Pretend you are only [one] on the date and that nobody else exists because the second you start talking about the other person you’re already, like, losing points.”

Her advice comes just as fans will see Shanae complete her two-on-one date with Genevieve. Who will Clayton ultimately send home? Will Shanae finally be history?

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