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Fans Brutal Over Jenelle Evans ‘Insane’ New Look


Jenelle Evans is revealing that she is thinking of making some big changes to her life. The former  Teen Mom star took to her social media platforms to reveal to her followers her new look. Jenelle was toying around with her makeup over the weekend to experiment with ways she could implement some of these changes.

After signing on to TikTok Jenelle began adding filters and doing her makeup and the end results have left her followers speechless according to The Sun.  Evans used a filter that took her makeup-free face and placed it over a random eyeliner look.  When the randomizer stopped it left Jenelle with a cat-eye underwing look.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Jenelle Evans Reveals ‘Insane’ Weekend

Jenelle seemed please with the outcome and then decided to go all-in with the new look.  After completing the make-over Jenelle took to Instagram to reveal her completed transformation. The 30-year-old mother of three revealed a much heavier made-up version f the filter and added a touch of glitter along with pink lip gloss. Evans wrote on her Instagram;

“Y’all my makeup is insane today. But I like it.”

Fan comments were not as enthusiastic as Jenelle may have hoped for after her make-up reveal.

One commenter writes, “It looks like she drew it on with a sharpie.”

Another poster called Jenelle “clown-like” saying she looked “cringeworthy.”

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

New Career Moves For Jenelle Evans?

Evans’s attempt at a new look comes after revealing that she has been thinking of getting into the acting business. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Jenelle recently told fans she has desires to give TV and film a try. Her wild weekend of Hollywood dreams comes after one fan told Jenelle they would love for her to star on HBO’s Euphoria series.

The thought must have gone right to Jenelle’s head as she then began thanking her followers for the support and stating, “I might get more into acting…Haven’t made up my mind though.”

Things began to skyrocket from there with commenters having a field day on the subject.

“She really that delusional and entitled that she thinks she can just decide to become an actress?” writes one follower.

“Oh, Jenelle, what do you mean to get MORE into acting? When were you involved in acting at all???LOL!” states another.

“Acting? Thought you were too sick to work any type of job?” snarks one more.

More like remarks began to flood the comment section calling Jenelle embarrassing and delusional.

All The Right Moves

This is not the first time Jenelle Evans has revealed her desire to delve into TV. In September, Jenelle expressed an interest in taking her TikTok dance skills to a bigger audience and revealed she would love to go on Dancing With the Stars.

“Yes, Just what we all need to see! More of Jenelle’s clumsy dance moves. Isn’t TikTok enough?” Blasts one amused fan.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans Hollywood Dreams?




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