Fans Aren’t Sure If Tammy Slaton Really Lost 100+ Pounds

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Those who watched the season finale of 1000-Lb. Sisters were very excited to hear that Tammy Slaton was making some progress during her latest trip to rehab. During the last few moments of the episode, Tammy’s brother, Chris Combs, revealed to viewers that Tammy is down more than 100 pounds since she left. Unfortunately, while many show fans want desperately to believe that Tammy is working on improving her health – not everyone is convinced that she’s putting in the work. Why are fans questioning Tammy Slaton’s progress? Read on to find out what is causing viewers’ disbelief.

Tammy Slaton’s Big Reveal

Over the last few months, fans who follow Tammy Slaton on social media have been going back and forth about whether or not the TLC personality had admitted herself to rehab. Now, after the airing of the season finale – we finally have the answer.


After being hospitalized for a severe case of carbon dioxide poisoning, Tammy never appeared to have ‘gone home’. At this point, episodes of 1000-Lb. Sisters were still airing. As with most reality shows, there is a considerable between the present day and when these episodes were filmed. Consequently, Tammy kept her location under wraps by telling fans that she was in a ‘hospital-like facility’ while she recovered from her ailments.

During the finale, it was confirmed that Tammy Slaton made the decision to readmit herself into rehab. Since there, reports say she has been working to get her weight and health back on track.

Making Progress

At the end of the finale episode, Chris reveals that since starting her stay in rehab, Tammy reports having dropped more than 100 pounds. If she has been following doctors’ orders and working the program – Tammy could easily have lost that much weight by now. We know last time she was in a rehab program, she was able to drop 60 pounds very quickly through restricted diet and exercise. Unfortunately, after dragging her feet for so long, many fans aren’t so sure that she’s actually lost any weight.

Once it was revealed that Tammy had been in rehab all this time, her followers have noticed some major changes in her social media. The reality personality has been making more of an effort to glam up. Unlike before, many of Tammy’s new videos feature her with her hair and makeup done or sporting a new look. She has plenty of supporters on her page. Many happily encouraged her to keep up with good work.  Sadly, not everyone is convinced that what they are seeing is real.

Fact or Filter

So, why are TLC fans so skeptical of Tammy’s weight loss? Is it because she showed so little effort over the last few years? Perhaps it’s because they don’t think she’s capable of changing her ways? Judging by the reactions to her latest videos, many followers think that she’s covering up her actual appearance with a filter.

Tammy Slaton has always been a huge fan of filters. She uses them quite frequently in her content. Some of the filters make her appear to be wearing more makeup. Others make her face appear thinner or give her skin more of a glow. Unfortunately, she has used these for so long that her followers can’t tell the difference between weight loss success and the skewed glamour of filters.

In her latest videos, Tammy’s face does appear to be a bit smaller. Many viewers have been commenting about how they think her eyes are much more visible than they were previously. Others are commenting on how much smaller the bulge on her forehead appears to be.


Do you think that Tammy has actually made significant progress since she’s been in rehab? Tell us in the comments!





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  1. Charolette – you cared enough to write your disgusting post. I think it’s time to work on your own mental issues. Good luck!

  2. Tammy has a beautiful face. I hope she loses all the weight and emerges like a butterfly feeling happy and good about herself. She is funny, and has a great future. Keep up the good work.

  3. Tammy, why do you not want this??? Everybody wants you to be happy and healthy. Just think of all the things you could do. Please just give it a try and make everyone proud. Prove everyone wrong. You can do this Girlfriend. I KNOW you can do this. You will feel so much better about yourself and your future. Love You Tammy♥️♥️♥️💋💋💋💋

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