Chris Combs 2022 Net Worth

Chris Combs 2022 Net Worth Revealed

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1000-Lb Sisters came to TLC just three seasons ago. However, in that time, the family has grown their following and seem to have a loyal fanbase. Between starring on the show and his day job, Chris has been growing his net worth over time too.

Chris Combs 2022 Net Worth

Chris Combs made his TLC debut when his sisters Amy Halterman and Tammy Slaton got their own show – 1000-Lb Sisters. In this most recent season, he appeared several times making him a fan favorite on the show. He always seems to be able to put his sisters in their place when they get out of hand. And, he’s not afraid to tell Tammy exactly what he is thinking. Not only that, but he reached his goal and was able to get weight loss surgery. This was a major victory on the show.

Knowing all of that, what is his net worth? To start, it’s important to note that on his Facebook profile he says he still has a job at Mcdonald’s. The average salary of a McDonald’s employee is $20k a year.

In addition to his job there, he also has supplemental income on his Cameo account where fans can pay for videos from Chris. He seems to be quite popular on Cameo as he already sold out of his Valentine’s videos. This popularity would put him at another $20k from cameo alone. Between Mcdonald’s and Cameo, he is likely making around $40k a year.

Chris Combs 2022 Net Worth
Chris Combs | Youtube

Then, of course, his time on the show makes him a pretty penny. The Slaton sisters have been getting extremely popular which means Chris Combs is probably reaping some of the benefits. Based on the possible $50k his sisters are making per season on the show, Chris is likely making $25k per season of 1000-Lb Sisters. 

So where does this leave his net worth? While there is some wiggle room, it’s safe to say Chris Comb’s 2022 net worth is at least $80k if not all the way at $100k.

Chris Combs 2022 Net Worth
Chris Combs | Youtube

This number seems pretty impressive considering his sister Amy is sitting right around $250k. She is one of the two main stars of the TLC show and she has a large Youtube following.

What did you think of Season 3 of 1000-Lb Sisters? Are you proud of Chris for reaching his goals? Let us know all of your thoughts in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of your favorite TLC stars.

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    1. Yes it is, I’d almost rather see Amy, Chris and the other sisters without Tammy!! She’s just spoiled, spiteful and acts like a brat!!

      1. I so agree. Tammy needs to grow up. She tries to blame her mental health for her childish and immature actions. She is just spoiled and needs a good you know what. Hell she ain’t got to do anything but watch tv and eat. What could she possibly be stressed about. When people act like this it takes away from the seriousness of people that really has mental issues. Tammy is just LAZY .

    2. Chris is doing so good with a positive outlook. Hes proud of himself as he got a suit as he was 250 or less! Ta mmy is scared

      1. I was thinking the same. And to show how immature, lazy, self-centered, and selfish you are! Tammy is not going to succeed at anything, until she wants to do better.
        Proud of Chris!

  1. Chris is seems to be such a wonderful brother, husband, and friend. I just wish the very best for him and everyone on the show. Even Tammy. Even when her behavior is ugly and hurtful to others. I hope health and happiness for them all.


  2. Chris is a real funny man. His voice is oh so annoying. He acts like he is the boss of Tammy. I know he helps her out getting to her appointments and all, but he acts like he is better than Tammy. Can someone please give him a surgery on his throat. That voice is urking.

    1. Chris does not think he’s better than tammy someone’s got to put a fire under her ass and he’s the one to do it.Everyone else coddles her that’s why she gets away with her ungrateful and demanding ways.The one I feel bad for is amy.

    2. I actually like the voice! Ha ha! A speech pathologist/voice therapist would likely be interested in taking a look at what is going on. There definitely is something pathological about the voice quality that a professional could diagnose.

      1. Severe asthma but more likely gastric reflux or throat surgery among other things can definitely cause his voice to sound different.

        1. His weight along with managing a McDonald’s restaurant, are both contributing to the raspy sound we hear too. He runs out of air often, when doing a long scene. I figured he must have respiratory issues. He has mentioned he has sleep apnoea too. It’s hard to take advice from a man who gained 40-60lb in 6 week recovery from surgery.

    3. I would like to know why his voice is like that…I’m sure he would want it back, wow, let’s not be so judgemental please, shoe on the other foot??

  3. I love this show! I love that they are all just down to earth, regular people and what you see is what you get. LOL. Chris is doing great, he is one of my favorites. All the best to him and Amy!! I am upset with Tammy though, her attitude is awful and she expects everyone to wait on her and doesn’t appreciate anything people do for her. She made a comment about the electric wheel chair, saying is it for me or really for them….because she didn’t like the electric one at the time and really expects her siblings to wheel her around. That was awful. No appreciation for people wheeling her around with all of her weight. People can hurt their back by pushing her around but she don’t care!!! She is so demanding and stubborn…she needs to be given to the state to care for her since she refuses to even try to help herself. Everyone is scared for her but she doesn’t care, she says she is going to “do me” for once. She is killing herself by not trying. In the nursing home, she was doing good and that is where she needs to be. I hope they continue the show I really like it. Good luck to the entire family!

    1. I totally agree. Tammy is rude, hateful and selfish. On their family vacation to the mountains, she was a real ass. And Michael deserves a ton of credit for all he does for her. Plus, he never even complains. When she acted so ridiculous about not getting out of the van and going in the cabin, I would’ve left her to sleep in that van all night. And she kept saying she couldn’t breathe. One, she had her oxygen tank. And two she tried to say it was harder to breathe in higher altitudes bc air was thinner. That’s complete bullshit. Cold air is much easier to breathe than hot air. That’s exactly why lung patients retire in the mountains instead of FL. And, I never would’ve, called a friend to come all the way up there to get her. I’d have left her in that motel room alone, while the rest of the family had a good time. Tammy ruins the show!!

    2. I agree her attitude sucks but it comes from a place of pain…..I think there is alot if depression, and some mental health from all the bullying, and stuff she endured as a child. Not everyone shrug it off…she has not met the rite theripist yet…I know been thru it….let’s not judge too harshly, even though she can be trying at times. Peace!

  4. Congratulations to Chris on his weight loss! It is not easy to make a commitment to lose weight, especially for a man.

    1. Congrats to Chris… Losing all that weight is admirable… He has such a nice personality…. I like Tammy to and her hubby is very quite and Gage is a pistol… Sooo adorable… He looks like Daddy… As for Tammy, she can be very funny and pleasant, but lookout when she gets stubborn… I hope they all continue to lose weight and reach their goals… I do enjoy this show and all their personalities…

  5. This continues to be one of my favorite shows, and Chris has become my favorite too!

    I enjoy his personality, he is a good man and with his firm but kind approach to his sisters, they are so blessed to have him.

    I truly enjoy watching him, and his own success! He is looking great.

  6. I have enjoyed this show from day one. What attracted me to the show was the bond between Amy and Tammy, and the fact they talk about everything. Even the dumb things, bad things, and good things. I love Chris, he is a true brother.

  7. I love the show overall. tired of Tammy not even trying I really want to kick her a**. she Is just stubborn and lazy. but Amy isn’t trying either. watching their stupidity earks me! I want to see them feel and look better. and Chris he gets my award for loosing the weight the quickest but then men do loose faster. Congrats Chris!!

  8. I’m so proud of Chris for making his goal my son is fightya serious weight problem drs have told him you’re a heart attack walking Amy is so pretty I hope she loses more please don’t be ugly mouth on the show kids love you all please be a good role model and gage is going to copy your language he’s gorgeous I’d love to give him a kiss and hug Tammy would be a beautiful woman Tammy life is so precious and fight for your life

  9. Chris and Amy want to change their lives for the better they are actually work toward that Tammy is selfish , rude she doesn’t want anything if she has to work for it .The show would be better without her.

  10. I don’t know why I started watching this show but I’m addicted to it now! The one thing I don’t understand is how mean and nasty Tammy gets. I hope that she is just putting that on to get more viewers but it is what frustrates me and makes me want to turn the show off. Amy, her sisters and Chris put up with a lot more crop than I think I would. They are still continuing to be nice to her and help her when she obviously doesn’t care about anyone but herself. She has been given every opportunity to have help by many wonderful people but she acts like a spoiled brat. I think she blames everyone else for her condition when her family has proved they did something to help themselves. She could do the same!

  11. I love the show because it’s real down to earth people. Chris is a great brother. Amy is trying to elevate herself and make a better life for he son. Unfortunately, Tammy is very jealous of a sister that truly loves her. Tammy has self esteem problems and needs help

  12. Chris deserves mega atta boys for his weight loss success. Losing weight is hard let alone putting yourself out there publicly. If anyone can get thru to Tammy I think it will be Chris. Even when he’s being serious he makes me laugh. In talking about who is giving Tammy the food “…the b*tch never leaves the house”

  13. I love the show. Tammy is a sweetheart and am really concerned about her health problems. I’m over weight but couldn’t imagine being that large.the sister Amy has seemed to have taken on a big attitude. She got what she wanted,the baby and the surgery and now she even moved away from Tammy. I enjoyed the relationship between the two sisters but now they can only call each other Bitches!

  14. I love watching Chris, Amy and all the family, especially Gage. He is so adorable. I think Tammy is ungrateful and there is no excuse for that. I hope the show continues.

  15. I luv the show. Especially Chris. Go Chris. Keep up the work. Tammy needs to get her act together and loose the weight. Amy. Is making a better life for herself.

  16. I love this show!! However, Tammy is very selfish. Amy goes out of her way to make her comfortable. I would like to see more of Amanda and Misty (the other sister). Hope Tammy can get it together.

  17. My favorite is Michael but I do wish he would stop being the one who is doing the hard work of pushing 600 pds around.I know how it is just pushing 350 around up a high ramp n trying to keep chair n person from coming out of your grasp going down a steep embankment! Tammy youve had to have took a lot of shit from mean folks but that isnt a pass to bite at others who are not doing hings to your liking.Thats just family n believe me if you woke up n they were never to lay eyes on again you would miss them.Hang in there girl

  18. Chris is an great addition to the show. I’m proud of the way he has lost what he did and coming out in that suit he looked like a new man. Keep going Chris. I wish Any and especially Tammy would make more of an effort

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