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Tyler Baltierra Worries Fans With Dark Words Amid Split Rumors?

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Teen Mom fans are growing extremely concerned for the well-being of fan-favorite dad Tyler Baltierra following his recent social media share. Baltierra’s latest Instagram share has left fans with a lot of unanswered questions according to The Sun.

Baltierra’s fans know that over the years Tyler has been very open on his social media pages about his mental health struggles. However, many are finding Tyler’s Friday poem about fighting off evil very dark and worrisome. They feel that Tyler could be slowly slipping into a deep state of depression.

Credit: YouTube
Credit: YouTube

Did Tyler Baltierra Split From His Wife Catelynn?

The post includes a black and white photo of the Teen Mom star standing in front of a mirror wearing a form-fitting jacket, jeans, and dress shoes. The photo is captioned about evil and reads;

“Go ahead
Try to bury me
I prefer the dirt
For I am a seed
I’ll grow back fervently like weeds
Watch me take over with greens
Dominating roots underneath
My power comes from places you can’t see
Stretching into the earth so deep
My core is untouchable to your type of evil
So bring on the storms & let the rain pour
That weather has always pushed me
To grow back stronger than I was before
#WritingIsHealing ✍🏻”

Teen Mom OG Tyler And Catelynn Baltierra Owe Big Money To The Government [Screenshot | YouTube]
[Screenshot | YouTube]

Teen Mom Star Tyler Baltierra Reveals Mental Health Struggles

While some fans began to praise Tyler for his ability to write, others began to notice the sadness surrounding the post. One fan quickly noticed that Baltierra was no longer wearing his wedding ring. The dark poem comes during a time when rumors have begun circulating that Tyler and his longtime partner Catelynn Lowell may have split.

This is not the first time that Catelynn/Tyler split rumors have erupted. Fans began to question the Teen Mom OG stars in January about the status of their relationship. However, Catelynn quickly attempted to shut down the rumors telling fans not to worry that she and Tyler were still very much a couple.

Last August Catelynn and Tyler happily welcomed their daughter Rya into their family. But, during a September episode of Teen Mom OG Tyler revealed he was suffering from bipolar disorder. He also opened up about his insecurities as a father and claims they are linked to his tough childhood.

Credit: Instagram
Credit: Instagram

Life Pressures Adding Up?

He added that he “does not always have his s**t together” and that it frightens him at times. During a flashback from an early-season Catelynn attempts to explain for Tyler.

“For many years Tyler was angry with his dad and somedays it prevents him from believing he is a good father to our daughters,” Tyler responded to fans following the episode thanking them for all their kind words of support. However, at this time fans are concerned as to what may have set Tyler into his dark mood.

It could be the pressures of raising a family that have him down, or it could be the financial stress he and Catelynn are currently under. As previously reported by TV Shows Ace in January, Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra are currently thousands of dollars in debt to the government for back taxes. It has been a tough few years for many. Hopefully, with the support of his wife and family as well as his fans the Baltierra’s can continue to support each other and work through whatever issues they are facing together as a couple.








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