Todd Chrisley Flips The Bird At Chase: Why?

Todd Chrisley flips Chase the bird feature

Chrisley Knows Best patriarch Todd Chrisley flips the bird at his middle son, Chase Chrisley. The reason why may have some fans shaking their heads. Keep reading to find out what’s going on between this father/son duo.

Are Todd And Chase Chrisley On The Outs?

Sadly, it is no secret that Todd Chrisley has been on the outs with his older children, Kyle and Lindsie Chrisley, in the past. However, over time, it seems that things have gotten better for the reality television father and his oldest son. While Todd and Julie Chrisley still have custody of Kyle’s daughter, Chloe, fans have seen Kyle spend time with his once estranged family.

Todd Chrisley YouTube
YouTube Wendy Williams Show Todd Chrisley

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like things are getting better when it comes to Todd Chrisley’s relationship with his oldest daughter, Lindsie Chrisley. Neither one of them seem to stay away from telling people that they don’t have contact with each other. TV Shows Ace even reports on speculation that Lindsie may even have a tell-all book in the works.

So is the father of five (six if you count Chloe) burning bridges with another child? Keep reading to find out.

Todd Chrisley Flips The Bird At Chase: Why?

Recently, Chase Chrisley took to his Instagram Story to share a moment between him and his father. It looks like the duo is on a private jet. The candle entrepreneur shares that they’re heading to the Super Bowl in the caption.

When the short video is captured, it doesn’t look like either party is too thrilled to be traveling. Chase is resting his head on his hand. As the camera pans, we see Todd Chrisley flipping Chase the bird.

TV Shows Ace recently reported that Chase Chrisley was heartbroken over the news of Tom Brady’s retirement. Chase even tags the quarterback in one of his Instagram posts. The reality television star shares a photo of Tom Brady donning all seven of his Super Bowl rings. Chase writes, “Thanks for all the memories 12!” There could be a chance that Chase Chrisley looks upset because he won’t get to see Brady at the Super Bowl.

Chase Chrisley, Tom Brady Instagram
Instagram Chase Chrisley

When it comes to Todd Chrisley’s reaction to flying to the Super Bowl, there are plenty of reasons why he could be flipping Chase off. For instance, Todd talks about many things on his podcast, Chrisley Confessions. However, the only time (that comes to memory) that he speaks about sports is when he talks about Grayson Chrisley’s baseball career. So maybe the reason for Todd’s disdain is that he just isn’t into sports.

Todd CHrisley flipping Chase the bird Instagram
Instagram Chase Chrisley

What do you think about Todd Chrisley flipping Chase the bird? Why do you think Todd is making this gesture at his middle son? Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below. Make sure to come back to TV Shows Ace for more Chrisley Knows Best news.

While there may not be new episodes of Chrisley Knows Best and Growing Up Chrisley right now, you can still keep up with your favorite reality television family by checking out their podcast, Chrisley Confessions.

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