‘This Is Us’ Movie Teased As Possibility By Creator

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Fans of This Is Us have been dreading the series finale coming in May. However, the series creator Dan Fogelman has revealed there is potential for a movie based on the television show somewhere down the line. Movies based on popular TV shows aren’t uncommon, but could it really be happening for This Is Us?

What Would The Movie Be About?

This Is Us wouldn’t be the only television show to lead to an in-continuity movie recently. Sex and the City, The Sopranos, and other popular programs have done it too. The main difference between those shows and This Is Us is that they were left fairly open-ended. Fogelman, the creator of the show, has said the series finale will wrap everything up. So, what would a movie based on the popular show even look like?

This Is Us - YouTube/TV Promos

Credit: YouTube/TV Promos

While fans may be holding on to anything they can get, Fogelman says he doesn’t really know where the story would go. In theory, it could happen, but there are some serious plot questions that would need to be figured out. “I say no to nothing,” he said when he was asked about a possible follow-up film. “If we can figure out a movie and can get together with [the cast] again in a few years, I’d love to. I don’t know what it would be because we close out our story in the series finale.”

After this, he joked about a movie with a storyline based on what would happen if Jack survived. Shortly after, he said the president of NBC texted him, “Yes to the movie.” The cast hasn’t weighed in on the idea, but what if?

Will There Be A This Is Us Movie?

There is not a yes or no answer to whether or not This Is Us will actually be turned into a motion picture. The biggest challenge facing the crew would be getting all of the actors and actresses from the show to be available again. Mandy Moore, Justin Hartley, Sterling Brown, and the other stars of the show are all busy. To have a movie that is a true continuation of the show, everyone would need to be involved.

This Is Us - YouTube/TV Promos

Credit: YouTube/TV Promos

The final episodes of the show are sure to be jam-packed full of good storylines. Rebecca, played by Mandy Moore, is on her death bed. As stories are shared with children and grandchildren, viewers will get glimpses into the future. That future doesn’t currently hold a This Is Us movie, but that can easily change.

Right now, viewers have only gotten five of the planned 18 episodes in the final season. The program has taken a short break from airing during the Winter Olympics, but it will return on February 22. Its return will lead up to the last episode in the series, which airs on May 24 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.

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