‘Love During Lockup’: Haley Arrested Too?

Love During Lockup Credit: YouTube

Love During Lockup has introduced viewers to a handful of interesting couples. One, in particular, is Dalton and Haley. The two had known each other in their younger years then reconnected as he is serving a prison sentence. Now, details have emerged about Haley’s own shady past which could explain why she was so drawn to her prison love.

Haley and Dalton Find Love During Lockup

Love During Lockup is the second Love After Lockup spinoff. It takes viewers through the whole process of finding love with an inmate. From the beginning where they start the communication process to the possible release and beyond. Some couples can end up on LAL and some never even have a chance. Haley and Dalton are at the very questionable phase but more on that later.

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The two went to school together and Dalton was always more upper class. Eventually, Haley went on to meet her ex, Jarrett and they had a little boy named Hendrix. Unfortunately, he went and cheated on her so they broke up. That was when she started to reconnect with Dalton, who was behind bars. He is currently serving eight years for felony burglary of a building and felony evading arrest.

Love During Lokcup Credit: YouTube

Due to an accident she had been in, Haley had quite a settlement so she was using this to help free her new boyfriend. Furthermore, she was sending him money and putting money down on a home for them. Soon she would learn he was possibly sending funds to an ex-girlfriend. Now, it has come to light that Haley is no angel, having her own arrest record.

Haley’s Sordid Past

Starcasm looked into Haley’s background and learned she had been arrested, as well. She was charged with driving while intoxicated in June of 2018. The initial incident happened in January of that year but nothing occurred for several months. It was not until August of 2019 that Haley had to serve time in jail, thirteen days to be exact with one day credited.

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In her booking photo, Haley has her trademark black and blonde hair color and a big smile. Very cheerful for someone about to go to prison. As for the car wreck that landed her the large settlement, that happened a year after she initially went to jail.

Are you shocked that Haley has spent time behind bars? Does it make her attraction to Dalton more understandable now? Let us know in the comments and watch Love During Lockup every Friday on WEtv.


Amanda Lauren


  1. No it doesn’t matter if Haley was in for 13 days. I would like to know how to get in contact with her. Let her leave that useless piece of garbage in jail. He’s never going to change his ways. Once out it won’t be long before he’s back in and she will spend all her money in him and be left with nothing.

    1. So, are you hoping to get in contact with her, Don, so YOU can score some of that hot & sexy Bank Account of hers?! Unless you have a criminal record as well, my friend – I don’t think you stand a chance, especially if you’re not currently in the can. Usually, when you discuss a woman’s ‘type’ of guy, it’s more like, is he tall & slender with a swimmers’ body; broad-chested & beefy with a bouncer’s look; guys with body hair, guys who’re clean-shave, a Military-type style… but Don, some women’s’ ‘type’ is “how chaotic would my life be with him, cuz that’s what floats my boat! And what’s crazier than a criminal, with a big, long, juicy record that goes back for YEARS”!!
      Sorry, Don – there are probably already several hundred guys currently emailing/IG-ing/stalking her… there are lots of women with money that aren’t anywhere near as hard to get! Good luck with that!

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