Exclusive Interview: Jessica Lowndes On GAC’s ‘Harmony From The Heart’

Harmony From The Heart-used with permission From GAC

Jessica Lowndes is a modern-day Renaissance woman. Not only is she a prolific actress, but she has also been playing piano, writing songs, and singing for as long as she can remember. She also writes poetry and stories. Moreover, she also is a very busy actress, and is starring, along with Jesse Metcalfe, in the new GAC movie, Harmony From The Heart. Lowndes wears a lot of hats in this movie, as she also wrote the story, and is the executive producer.

She graciously took time from her Costa Rican vacation for an exclusive interview with TV Shows Ace. The 90210 alum is currently in a flourishing stage of her career. Everything is coming together, but this was after a lot of hard work, and overcoming obstacles.

Therefore, this is more than a movie to Jessica. This is a “passion project.” However, it is a project that started during a difficult period of time. “Four years ago, I tested for a few pilots. None of these worked out. So, instead, I forced myself to write every night for an hour.” She then proudly added, “This was the first script that I ever wrote. It was the first time that I wrote ‘The End’ in a document.”

Harmony From The Heart is more than a movie. She also explained how her mother, a piano teacher, would have been a musical therapist if she did not teach piano. It also struck Jessica that she had never seen a rom-com with a musical therapist.

Jessica pointed out that rom-coms characters work “to save a town or a business, but never to save a person with music therapy.” The idea just blossomed.

The Two Close To Christmas star explained, “When I was doing my research, I was blown away by the capacity music has to heal people.” Naming her main character Violet, after her grandmother Dorene’s mother, she infused this story with a lot of small, heartfelt details.

What Is Harmony From The Heart About?

Violet (Lowndes) is a musical therapist who has the opportunity to get her dream job. She wants to become a music therapist for a local hospital. However, her department chair advised she can only graduate if she can rehabilitate a person to speak again. She has two weeks. The deadline is on Valentine’s Day.

Jesse Metcalfe plays heart surgeon Blake Williams. His professional opinion on how to treat his ailing grandfather, who hasn’t spoken in a year, opposes Violet’s opinion. Blake is very skeptical about music therapy.

Adding to the stress in this situation, the patient is Violet’s professor’s beloved brother, Charles. Feeling the pressure to create a near miracle, Violet uses music to traverse the mile markers of Charles’ life, and he begins to progress.

Violet and Blake realize they each love helping people, and their hearts begin to open to each other.

GAC Harmony From The Heart, used with permission from GAC
GAC Harmony From The Heart, used with permission from GAC

Jessica Lowndes graciously answered a few questions about GAC’s Harmony From The Heart.

Have You Worked With Jesse Metcalfe Before?

We have never worked together. When I got the list of potential co-stars, Jesse was at the top of my list. He was incredible to work with.

What Was it Like Performing ‘It Had To Be You’ With Jesse?

We recorded the song the first weekend after we started filming Harmony From The Heart. It was very magical.

How Did You Choose This Classic Song?

‘It Had To Be You’ is one of my favorite songs. I was thrilled when we got permission to use this song.

Jesse Plays A Doctor Who Rides A Motorcycle And Sings. Did He Create His Character?

I wrote this character to ride a motorcycle and sing. It was kismet that Jesse fit this role perfectly!

Harmony From The Heart Is Jessica Lowndes Second Movie That She Has Written

The first movie I ever wrote was Over The Moon In Love.

Jessica Lowndes On Working With Bill Abbott And GAC

Bill Abbott has always encouraged me to write. Bill always believed in me. He was why I did Over The Moon In Love. He always encourages me. Bill wants me to be hands-on. The first time I was an executive producer was in Over The Moon In Love. Now, I want to get into directing.

I will be doing more movies with GAC in the future. And, I am developing some ideas. I am going to be in an Italian movie and a Christmas movie.

I Saw On Your Instagram You are Directing. Is This Something You Wanted To Do?

I have always wanted to be a director. On my Instagram, the photo is from my video for my new music, that I directed. I directed a visual album. Each of the videos has a different element. This is a long journey, with a natural disaster that I am escaping. The elements are metaphors. Is this real or is this in your head, your subconscious?

This is about heartbreak and then finding new love.

You Are The Executive Producer Of Harmony From The Heart. What Does An EP Do?

I had to wear a lot of hats in this role. I had to scout locations, casting, and a lot of details. It is a lot of work, but I love it!

Tell Us About Your Song ’11:11′

I see ’11:11′ everywhere I go. I’m all about making a wish at 11:11. This is a song about wishes. And, this is something you are too scared to say to someone. This is about love.

I am getting ready to release my first full-length album, Elemental. I am super excited about this project too. It will be out in a couple of months.

Your Career Has Been Non-Stop, And You Are Doing So Many Things. How Do You Keep Balanced?

I regularly do yoga and spend time taking care of myself. That is why I am in Costa Rica now for two weeks. I am recharging for a busy year!

Don’t miss Jessica Lowndes and Jesse Metcalfe in Harmony From The Heart. It premieres on Saturday, February 12, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on GAC Family.

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