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‘Welcome To Plathville’ Kim Plath Makes SHOCKING Life Decision

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Welcome to Plathville star Kim Plath has some big changes ahead. The TLC star has recently made a life decision that is pretty shocking to fans of the show. So, what’s next for the reality TV mom, and what are fans saying about it?

Fans know that the Plath kids were raised in a sheltered environment without much access to technology, sugar, pop culture, and more. The family is also very religious and follows modesty rules that are similar to the Duggars‘.

However, it looks like Kim is heading down a different path for herself. According to a local news report, which was posted on Reddit, Kim Plath is opening her own business called Grady Central. The report notes that Grady Central will offer “classes in ballet, belly dancing, stretching, and even self defense.”

About belly dancing, Kim said, “It is great for the hips and toning everything in the middle.”

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Kim’s new business is located in downtown Cairo, Georgia. In addition to classes, the space will be used for karaoke, ballroom dancing, and comedy shows on the weekends. An Airbnb property is also in the works above the business and will be open sometime in the spring.

Welcome to Plathville fans are shocked by Kim Plath’s news.

On Reddit, Welcome to Plathville viewers are talking about Kim Plath’s new business venture. They are shocked by some of the details of the new business, specifically Kim’s decision to offer belly dancing classes.

Someone mentions how belly dancing contradicts the Plath family’s fundamentalist beliefs. They write, “A fundie teaching belly dancing….I can’t wrap my head around it 💀” Someone else chimes in, “Idk if the Lord approves of belly dancing 🧐”

Others are discussing Kim’s use of her college education, despite not encouraging her kids to pursue higher education. In the local news article, Kim’s education at Florida State University and her experience dancing there are mentioned.

One Welcome to Plathville viewer says, “Interesting how she preached to her kids about what a waste college is and is now using that training as a way to legitimize her business. Can’t say I’m surprised though.”

So, are you surprised by Kim Plath’s latest life decision? Were you expecting this kind of news from her? Let us know in the comments section below. And for more Welcome to Plathville news, come back to TV Shows AceYou can get a peek into the kids’ lives here.

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  1. I think for what could have been a flawless “balanced” TV reality show YOU (TLC) could not stand it and so combined with the producers’ questioning of the Plath parents and the deletions of (scenes & topics of what has been done for the ungrateful elderly kids and for what HAS been done for them BY THEIR PARENTS, to make them the people they are in this life) instead of what TLC LIBERALS would like them to be….which is more like THEM….well it has just become more and more OBVIOUS of where TLC stands when it now becomes to whose side they cater to!! In the FIRST concert episode by Moriah, it became evident and OBVIOUS that the only IDIOT & INSTIGATOR in the crowd was…ETHAN!! Had he done nothing but simply sit down and shut up, Maria would have NEVER known, nor his supposed wife, that anyone was in the crowd to perhaps jeopardized the performances of his sister and so-called “schizo” wife! But it took TLC just seconds to become excited as hell to elaborate on his ridiculous stalking of the crowd to achieve absolutely nothing other than making his first concert for his sister nothing less than…..MISERABLE!! So TLC, you should promote that pure IMMATURITY & IGNORANCE on his behalf…instead of completely almost despising the understanding and “natural” occurrence of a mother & siblings wanting to enjoy their daughter & sisters’ FIRST EVER CONCERT! Btw, KUDOS to ISSAC!!!! He has more maturity and character and capability in in his pinky than Ethan has EVER displayed!!! And Micah is not far behind Ethan if he continues to follow Ethan!

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