‘Sister Wives’: Did Christine Brown Foreshadow Robyn’s Takeover?

sister wives christine brown - robyn brown youtube

Wait, did Christine Brown foreshadow that Robyn would take over the family and push the other three wives out? Some Sister Wives fans think that might be the case as they go back and rewatch old episodes of the TLC series. In fact, it appears as if Christine Brown had Robyn pegged as someone who would destroy the family right from the first few episodes of the series.

Christine Brown via YouTube

Christine Brown foreshadowed Robyn taking over the family

On Reddit, one fan shared an episode still from Sister Wives Season 1, Episode 2. The still featured a scene with Christine Brown and her husband Kody sitting on the couch. They were discussing the family and Robyn Brown. Christine accused Kody of bringing Robyn and her children into the family to replace his other wives and children. The OP who posted the screenshot noted it was “eerie foreshadowing” on Christine’s part.

Turns out, Christine wasn’t the only wife to foreshadow Robyn’s takeover of the family.

sister wives christine brown - robyn brown youtube
sister wives christine brown – robyn brown youtube

Janelle Brown also saw it coming

In the comments of the same Reddit thread, fans recalled Janelle sitting down with Kody to tell him she feared he would run off with Robyn one day. Other fans chimed in to admit it was sad to see the fears of Christine and Janelle playing out before their eyes as the series progressed and Kody grew closer to Robyn.

What fans find truly baffling is the fact that Robyn told her sister wives she was NOT interested in being in a monogamous relationship. Robyn Brown claimed she could have done much better than Kody if she was interested in being in an exclusive relationship with a man.

Kody Brown has, however, openly admitted he’s just not sure polygamy is something he wants anymore.

Janelle Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube
Janelle Brown/Robyn Brown/YouTube

What else did Sister Wives fans say about Christine Brown’s foreshadowing?

This was a pretty popping thread on Reddit as Sister Wives fans aren’t big fans of Robyn Brown. Here’s some of the other things they had to say about Christine foreshadowing her takeover:

  • “If I recall correctly there was a 16 yr difference between when Christine joined the Browns and Robyn joined the Browns. The way Kody and Robyn behave, the Kody/Robyn dynamic reminds me of the guy who gets divorced, remarries, and treats his original family as if they are second class while the new wife and her kids are put on a pedestal – nothing is too good for them.”
  • “I just don’t understand the appeal of Robyn. Why throw away this amazing family you created to essentially live monogamous with her? Meri is driven, Janelle is chill and Christine is fun-all Robyn appears is lazy, stressed or crying. I just don’t get it!”

Sister Wives fans are baffled as to why Kody Brown would ruin his perfectly good family by bringing Robyn into the picture. Likewise, they believe Robyn coming into the family so much later than Christine and the other wives was a big mistake.

Kody and Robyn Brown TLC
Photo Credit: TLC

Do you think Christine and Janelle foreshadowed Robyn destroying the family? Share your thoughts with us in the comments down below.

Trisha Faulkner


  1. Robyn is the laziest wife and least pretty. Kody wanted a woman to have more children with because the others were done. He needed someone to be there when he ran off the other 3 wives. I think he has been planning this escape a long time.

  2. I agree with the last comment. Kody and Robyn deserve each other. Both are fake as hell. I like REAL PEOPLE. Robyn with her Sobbyn all the time and Kody’s awful scraggly and thinning hair. Perfect couple. Two total fake people. I hope Janelle runs far away. Meri….no hope. She’ll stay in a totally lost relationship instead of finding someone who will love her.

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